Canada tightens grip on disputed Arctic

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jul 10, 2007.

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  2. And your view on this (as if I couldn't guess)?
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Actually the issue of natural resources is secondary in this dispute.

    Canada has been receiving the "benefits" of global warming for some time - one of which is projected to be a navigable seaway to the North.

    Consider the amount of US sea trade that currently goes via the Panama canal and the picture gets clearer.......
  4. It seems to me that Canada has lawfull rights for Arctic waters. I guess that Canadian sector of Arctic should exist along with Russian, American, Norwegian and Danish.

    As for military activity then Canada as an independent state has right to decide what and where should be deployed.
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    a prelude to invading russia probably...
  6. Basically, Sergey, you're saying that because Canada is making noise, it justifies what you were saying about Russia claiming its part?

    I would actually say the only reason Canada is making noise is because Russia was doing it very recently, spooking the others into making moves.

    Another event triggered by Russia. Ho hum.
  7. Sergey,

    Didn't your country lay claim to a largish chunk of Arctic ice and rock a few weeks ago? You know, the bits for which the Danes, Americans and Canadians have not registered a claim!

    Something about an underwater ridge which connects Russia to the Arctic, IIRC.

    That's a four way fight then? America, Canada, Denmark and Russia.

    I wonder who will win that one?

  8. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Seems to me that the Canadians are being eminently sensible. If a navigable seaway opens up then it becomes an attractive and cheaper way to ship from Japan and China to the eastern USA and Europe. Since those waters will be Canadian (200 mile EEZ etc) they have obligations under the UN Convention on Law of the Sea to maintain it as navigable safely (buoyage), provide search and rescue and keep it free of pollution. It's likely they'll need a deep water port up there somewhere for maintenance etc and it would be an attractive place to transfer shipments. There's also the matter of fishing rights and enforcement.

    Mind you I don't envy the guys doing the patrols or the people who'll end up working and living in the port. Global warming or no global warming its still going to be dam cold.
  9. Maybe... I mean maybe yes or maybe no. Or maybe it is a result of undercarpet agreement between Russia and Canada (with Russia first and Canada second).

    Who knows?
  10. Here's an interesting thought, but under the comonwealth rules if the US or Russa get shirty with Canada, dont we have to protect and help Canada?
  11. Great a rerun of 1812 ! the White House needs burning again :D

    there needs to be an international agreement to clearly divide the Artic shelf to prevent misunderstandings and conflict, this way exploration rights will also be established and done as peacefully as can be.

    the drillings, diggings and extractions is going to happen anyway.
  12. Everyone,

    Relax, the arctic is ours. All the persons who live up there (right up to Alert) pay Canadian income tax. There is no debate about ownership. We've built all of the settlements, airports and associated infrastructure. The waterways are patrolled by our Navy and Coast Guard. This string can close now, everyone can go home.
  13. Hey who rattled the canadians cage? We never heard anything of canada until they started using their Army in Afghanistan.

  14. Actually, International treaty states that the Arctic is not owned by any country, but that the US, Canada, Russia, Norway and Denmark all have a 200-mile "economic zone" around their coasts.

    But if it comes down to it, I would agree that Canada has a better claim than most to the Arctic and its resources.
  15. Isn't amazing that when it was a frozen wilderness America made no claims on it what so ever, but if there is now a buck to be made out of it due to global warming which they have helped to cause, then this areas are now theirs