Canada threatens to pull soldiers from Afghanistan



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Fair play to them - just like us, and unlike the Germans, Italians and the rest, they are in the thick of the fighting, instead of poncing around in the quiet zones refusing to leave barracks.
Did a fair bit of work with the Canadians when i was there. Great lads, great soldiers and it'd be a loss to RC South if they left. If only the usual suspects would pull their fingers out!
Canadian soldiers are due to leave Afghanistan in February 2009. However, following a recent government report, their mission will be extended, under two conditions: that others send reinforcements (condition met, since the Americans will be sending new Marines), and that the troops are supplied with the equipment they need to accomplish the mission (a bit vague). There will probably also be a vote in Parliament for the extension of the mission beyond February 2009, and that is where everything will be decided. It's hard to forecast what the outcome will be, since the present minority Government could fall this spring.
I seem to recall there are Canadian elections due in the not too distant future,and the troops being in Afghanistan is not seen as helping the present Canadian government being re-elected.

Canadian losses in Afghinistan have been 78 dead,nearly as high as British losses(87) to date.

The French have made vauge promises to pull their finger out(Sarkozy seems more credible than Chirac for his likelyhood for acually putting his money where his mouth is).But of the others,don't expect any changes.

So for the forseeable future the brunt of the fighting in Afghanistan will be bourne by the Amaricans,the Australians,the Canadians,the Dutch and the British.
After the comments of the Afghan PM recently about the British Forces (whether aimed at Paddy Ashdown or not) surely the British Government should be considering withdrawing our forces and seeing how they get on by themselves?!!!
Starting to agree with you, although apart from the quite excellent training value, there is still an enemy that could be defeated there.

Not sure if we can win the war though!!!
Dutch will only be there till mid 2010 and they're gone. I used to brief deploying personnel on this issue and always asked "if anyone can identify a medium power with the will to use their troops in the same way as the canucks, could they please let the FCO know..." - bottom line is that there is nobody out there to replace the Canadians or the Dutch apart from the US.
There is due to be a NATO meeting in Bucharest in March to discuss the way forward. Guess that means we take up more of the slack then?
I don't blame the Canadians. Unlike some other countries they have pulled their weight & showed true committment.

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