Canada Surrenders to Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rocketeer, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. Things are not going as well as expectedin Afghanistan..even the US Big Boys are reluctantly admitting this, though with qualifiers..

    So, in light of this analysis and intel which, surely, was reported up the chain and discussed at the' highest levels'.. Canada's illustrious leader, in the throes of a Federal election [ yeah, we're having one, too, though its 4 middle-aged white guys and one middle aged white woman who just wants to make the world pretty ] decides the time is ripe for a portentious announcement that will garner him the softylefty vote and placate the always rebellious poutine eaters of Quebec.

    Thankfully, one father of a KIA soldier has lambasted him for selling out Canada and failing the Afghan people..

    I'm hoping this is just a 'ploy' to make the other NATO allies feel small and they'll pull the restricted ROE from their troops so they can go and kick Taliban butt instead of standing around handing out choco biscuits and directing traffic...but, somehow, I don't think that was the PM's intent.

    gonna go and cry in a beer and then campaign against the nutjob..
  2. Canada Surrenders to Taliban............................and 'precision' American bombing.
  3. Can someone remind me why we didn't ethnically cleanse Quebec when we had the chance? Never wise to point to people's place of origin as the problem but in this case...
  4. Poutine = Canadian "delecacy"..its basically chips and thick gravey!
  5. Surrender? Foresight more like. There are no military solutions to Afghanistan's problems and there never will be.

    Alexander, Persians, Moghuls, British Empire, Soviet Union - they all headed for the exit sign in the end and it's not going to be any different this time round.

    Sooner or later there's going to be have to be some sort of political settlement with the 'Taliban'.
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  7. I wouldn't discount the possibility of the following happening:

    90% of troops pull out, leaving PRT and OMLT.
    Security worsens, NGO's get beheaded.
    'Oh look, we DO need a BG there'.
    Task Force 1-12 deploys and carries on mission.

    This is only if there is still a conservative government by then.
  8. Thats why they (US) didn't want Lord Ashdown out there, as he was advocating this idea.
  9. Mit cheese cocker :wink: never forget the cheese
  10. Because after we'd conquered the region from France French descended colonists made up something like 99% of the local population and attempts to encourage new British colonists to settle in the region weren't going all that well. And then the government at the time was afraid that during the American Revolution the largely French population of the province might take the side of the Thirteen Colonies and rebel as well so they introduced the Quebec Act of 1774 which allowed them to continue to use French, be Catholic and use French civil law for private matters.
  11. Afghanistan isn't an impregnable fortress. Islamic armies managed to take over it, so it's not impossible!

    Then again, before that Afghanistan was a Buddhist/Hindu haven so I'd imagine the people were much better back then and unfortunately were exposed to the entire wrath of the Muslims. Now look at the place.

    A shame really.
  12. i dont know what the score out there is at the moment with the can's but both times i've been over there in the past 2 yrs they've been getting smashed on a daily basis - more than any others. i'm 1. surprised it hasn't made the news, and 2. there still fcuking there! good lads though. no matter what - they still go back out time after time.
  13. You can bring law and order to Afghan but you will have to give the people somthing to loose first.

  14. Well, that's all a bit dramatic and doesn't hold up well to scrutiny.

    The Persians and Mongols ruled the friggin' place for centuries. Sounds like success to me.

    The Soviets were on the verge of destroying the opposition until that nasty Reagan supplied stingers to the mujahadeen and they (the Soviets) unofficially capped their involvement to 100,000 personnel.

    The truth is always less dramatic.