Canada: Shootings in Ottawa

That's been some time coming.
Picture of the medal recipients with H.E. David Johnston CC.
Well done by those men and women.
I saw this in CBC news today, a tribute on the 5th anniversary of the events.
Canadian Broadcasting article

Even soldiers on ceremonial duty are at risk.

The situation could have been worse but the Sergeant at Arms of Parliament, a retired senior member of the RCMP had his personal sidearm in his desk drawer and was able to neutralize the threat.
There’s been an incident just now as mate of mine whose a VSO on staff duty in the RCAF in the capital just marked themselves safe.

Looking at Ottawa news it appears that the young man, Manyok Akol, age 18 who was killed is an aspiring rapper. I was curious and checked and it appears his name is of Sudanese origin. More here:
Ottawa Citizen

This in a country where handguns are either prohibited or strictly restricted. I noticed that the 15 year old was brought to Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario where a friend is a specialist in pediatric emergency medicine and a professor in the Univ. of Ottawa medical school. Only a couple of miles from the shooting scene I expect that the boy is getting excellent care.

For those wanting to experience the artistry of the late Manyok Akol a.k.a. FTG Metro two of his tunes(?)

Rainy Days


I noticed that a few of the words in his performance would, if I used them in an ARRSE post, would get me a major ROP.
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