Canada sends tanks to Afghanistan

Discussion in 'RAC' started by ObnoxiousJockGit, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Why would any army want to give up tracked vehicles? Why not go ahead and give up the use of rifles too?
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Funny that I know Leopard is a good tank or was and will be there even the Aussies bought it, what I find strange knowing older generations of Canucks like my Grandfathers generation, they wouldnt buy anything German! A bit like some old 14 Army lads wouldnt buy anything Nip!
  3. I can remember being bored rigid by various Canadian/Australian exchange officers banging on about how brilliant the Leo 1 was. At the time we dismissed them in favour of the heavy MBT concept. Maybe now that the situation has changed it's time we got a medium tank ourselves?
  4. Aussies have just received the first shipment of M1A1s, their Leopards are on their way out.

    Denmark is sending a few Leo 2A5s to Afghanistan, they're coming across a problem of airlift: Thus a proposal has been made for NATO to buy a half-dozen C-17s for that sort of thing. Presumably they'd be registered in Luxembourg, like the AWACS birds.

  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Leopard 1 was a heavy tank in its day surely?
  6. It might have been an MBT, but never a "heavy". They tore around like sports cars and steered by braking the tracks a la FV 432. Whatever, they are a medium tank now. IMHO the PBI should get their own assault guns; big HE/HESH firing gun on a lightweight hull. Something like the Russian Sprut;
    But if you have loads of 42 Tonne tanks lying around then use them.
  7. I remember watching a boxhead Leo 1 troop on a live fire ex in St Matins in Wales in the early 90's - very nifty panzers and hardly any missed their targets. Definately impressive from an inf point of view
  8. the germans used to avoid puddles on soltau and wipe their feet on little mats getting in the turret.
    they also used to park up on the panzer platz and walk away like ww2 fighter pilots while the conscripts re fueled and put the panzers to bed
  9. I thought the word on the street was that we were planning to do precisely that on HERRICK. Not sure about the HESH tho' - are we not using it any more? Or does it contravene some obscure H&S regulation? :lol:
  10. It's reference the CH2 smoothbore upgrade; HESH-and all the present tank ammo for that matter- will be obsolete. Then again that has been delayed until at least 2007 for cost reasons.
  11. Just a question for anybody else who has been to the Stan or any Russians in their 40's-50's.

    "How many russian armoured vehicles are scattered all over Afghanistan?"

    Everywhere you turn there are a group of rusted vehicles with evident AT weapon damage. The Afghan Army have M113's which i have never seen them use. When we made enquiries they brought up the point that i just did.
  12. Then the west was giving the afgans all the latest antitank stuff now they have to buy it .Wouldnt want to go up against a leopard with an rpg .
  13. Nah but i'd take my chances with a "Charlie G" getting a mobility kill. Not to mention with all the other crap they will have. Times this by their effectiveness of using IED's and i think we are going to start seeing friendly tanks at the road side like we did on the road to Baghdad.