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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by AirCorpsJNCO, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Hia all, Iv just been promoted to Cpl and have recived a posting for 2 yrs to Canada, i was wondering if anyone had any info on any benifits etc and rates.

  2. Im not im on leave iv phone the clerk but they are as usefull as tits on a fish
  3. Single Full Screw work on £25 a day LOA. Married Accompanied, no kids £40 a day - obviously more if you have kids
  4. I am going to Trail's end for 2 yrs single unaccomanied tho i have a child hear in the uk if that makes a differance
  5. Trails end fior 2 yrs, you bastard. I'd give my mum away for that tour.
  6. I must admit i didnt even ask for a overseas posting
  7. Married Unaccompanied is the same as single - so LOA of £25 / day. Have a look at that link as there are other Canada allowances dependant on your location and whether you have to live in substitute accommodation, or get your RAO staff to go to the JPA Allowances Library and look at the Canada LOA document - its all in there
  8. Thanks very much, greatly appreacted ( excuse spelling no spell check hear )
  9. No worries
  10. Stores NCO at trails end camp. Up there with the top 3 postings in the army. I hate the fact it has to be a Air Corps bod tho, purely for the HLS.
  11. And the other two top postings in the Army are the PTI and chef at trails end.

    A well organised storeman will be able to do most of the Adv Trg as well.