Canada not going to Iraq 'with the Army they have'...

I see where a couple of Canadian politicans have had their eyes opened.

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper AND deputy Conservative leader
Peter Mackay...

The Canadian military is stretched far too thin and often faces dangers with inadequate equipment, Mr. Harper told a standing room only crowd at the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party's annual meeting in Halifax.

"It took a terrible tragedy aboard a submarine, HMCS Chicoutimi, to remind us of some of the challenges our military does face," he said during a luncheon speech.

"I have great reservations about whether we have the capacity to safely send additional troops on yet another mission."

When we put men and women in uniform and ask them to defend and protect us, it is our obligation to do everything we can as parliamentarians to defend and protect them."

After talking with the submariners, Mr. MacKay said he was struck by the circumstances they had faced.

"It is an abomination that we have under funded our Forces, that they are in equipment that doesn't meet the standard, whether it be Sea Kings, submarines or whatever," he said.

"If we're not going to be able to give them those resources, we shouldn't be able to put them in dangerous situations."

(Let's see the PM get the funding the Military needs)

Well he's right. And as is said in the other thread they'll scape together about 40 to go. Not sure how they'll get there though, or who will support them.

The Government of Canada is partly to blame for the submatine tragedy. Canada considered buying those submarines just as the RN stopped using them, and before they were mothballed. Most of the problems with them is from deterioration while mothballed.
They waited too long before deciding to take them!
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