Canada MPs vote to keep troops in Afghanistan

Canada MPs vote to keep troops in Afghanistan

OTTAWA (AFP) - Canada's parliament on Thursday voted to extend its 2,500-strong troop deployment in volatile southern Afghanistan until 2011, as long as NATO allies back them up.

The parliament voted 198-77 to keep the troops in Kandahar province until 2011, provided NATO sends 1,000 reinforcements, drones and helicopters to bolster Canada's force now on the ground, as requested.

Otherwise, Canada would still withdraw next year at the end of its current mandate
seemahpoint said:
This sounds precious close to "Canada votes to withdraw next year whilst blaming NATO" to me.
Not really, The Prime Minister has been under a lot of pressure from other parties to withdraw the troops on schedule. The PM is running a minority government, so this was a clever way of bypassing a commons vote.

Understandably Canada is hoping for a commitment from NATO as well. Would Britain stay if Canada and the USA left or reduced their forces ?
Should we stay or should we go now?
Screw the nut!


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