Canada increases terrorism prison sentences

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Invicta, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. From the BBC:

    BBC News - Momin Khawaja: Canada raises terrorism sentence

    In short, the Ontario Court of Appeals has increased the jail term of Momin Khawaja from 10 years to life. Khawaja was found guilty in 2008 of charges relating to the financing and facilitating of British extremists. The Court also upheld the convictions of or increased the sentences of other men for terrorist offences.

    It's a change to see courts handing down decent sentences for terrorists or actually increasing them. Canada may well have more robust legislation or a stronger will to enforce it than here in the UK. Either way its a refreshing change.
  2. If that had been in the UK, we would have released him straight away, with a massive apology, the right to stay in UK, with a free house, free car, and free money. Like we do with all the other fecking scumbags
  3. Really? Looking at some of the sentences that have been handed down in the UK, I think this guy in Canada would have got life first time around in a British court.

    We have diificulties prosecuting some suspects - secret evidence, intelligence sources etc etc, but when we get them in the dock and we find them guilty, they tend to be hammered.
  4. Some time ago I have read 'the suicide factory' about abu hamza. The way that Brits handled the whole situation just made me laugh. I'm sure things changed since.
  5. And what about the 6 that the Government don´t want in the Dock and are to get about 1 Million Quid each?******* Madness!
  6. IIRC on a BBC QT debate a coalition MP stated this decision was made as it would have 'more' expensive including 'other' factors' having this dragged through the courts

    I'm not agreeing that this compo claim was right but stating facts...