Canada, How to get money?

I find myself in a bit of a pickle.

I know you can use a Debit card to withdraw cash from a machine.

Or you can cash a cheque with the clerk, or at the BFPO.

But if you dont have a cheque book or a debit card, what do you do?


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You slap yourself around the head for being an Admin Vortex. Then you find a doorway and an old coffee cup and rely on the kindness of strangers.

If that fails, prostrate yourself in front of your RAO and ask him if you can have an EPIC.
I have already slapped myself. I did contact my bank to let them know I would need a Debit card and cheque book for my deployment to Canada, they told me to phone back mid-December, I did this and then they told me No.

What are the options, can you get payed in cash in special circumstances?
I'm surprised, that your bank said no to issuing a debit card! Even the 'basic' bank accounts come with one. A debit card will only allow you to withdraw funds that are actually in the account, so very difficult to go overdrawn.

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