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??? ??? Ive just been stiffed with a seven month Ex in Canada at Med Hat !!! quite happy really but cant seem to find out any info on Canada. Can anyone help ???


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SSM, Never been myself!! But apparently it's well worth visiting!!!

Would'nt mind going myself!!!

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Cant wait myself have just exchanged slush fund and am ready to depart for a mere 7 months of solitude ?????????????


Some great bars (pole dancers) and plenty of golf courses. Don't go in the Sin Bin if the oil workers are in town, you'll get stuck in their teeth!
Take yer RnR in Calgary, give my regards to the waitress in the Mongolian Bar and Grill, she likes a bit of british.

And if yer on MED MAN 6 and yer taking a slash against the side of the Warrior, on no account should you lean forward within touching distance of the metal, as a certain Armoured Inf man learned to his horror.


top tips
1. take loads of money ( no visa the wife will know :mad:)
2. as stated before some nice pole dancers ( throw your looneys this way, youll get the drift when your there) or stare until your eyes pop out.  :p
3. keep clear of the sin bin unless you like bin bunnies (thats not easter all year around)  :eek:
4. if you have the time & the cash then go to calgary & enjoy ( top place for a good night on the town.
5. Banf is another good gaff but same again take loads of cash & some smart civvies ( dont dress like you have just come out of top man at canex)  :-/
6. if all else fails get yourself to med hat , get mashed on beer look at a bin bunny through beer goggles & well who knows ( you may end up with a dose or 2 or 3 or 4 etc ( well you have got 7 months there enough time to clear the little irritation up  :'(

by the way stay away from the gas lamp unless you like the sound of drunks trying to give it there best on the Kareoke


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Buy yourself a BATUS banger and get up into the mountains as often as possible.

Learn to switch off your GPS location device whenever you travel along the Rattlesnake on your way back to base.

Make sure you have a GPS for when you're working at night blacked out.

Make sure you have some tropical kit for the summer. I think they binned their stocks out there at the end of the 2000 season.


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Easier said than done, but hydrate on water when you have been on the Blues (Labats), it gives you the headache from hell in the morning! :'(
It's crap, don't come.

PS hate TS
TS hate BG
and BG hate everyone.

P.S Bring money, everything else will work out:)

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Maybe you didnt read the date on the initial post but I have now been for a whole season and returned. Thanks for the advice though.


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