Canada Expels U.S. Woman Deserter

Discussion in 'US' started by TankiesYank, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. BBC Story

    I'm a bit surprised it actually happened. I don't know how much popular support expat deserters have, but I'm glad the Canadian government has treated it as a matter of law.

    What a fcuking idiot.
  2. Mr. Wensley of Canada said it best, "If all soldiers refused to fight in illegal and immoral wars waged on lies, there would be no more such wars. She should be allowed to stay."
  3. Mr Wensley of Canada is clearly a tw@ then just like you.
  4. What about those fighting who believe in it or enjoy killing? By those, for example, i mean the perpetrators of the Rwandan and a Darfurian genocides, or the good old classic, Hitler.

    A perfect world has no need for armies, a perfect world this is not.
  5. So then, you've no problem fighting "in illegal and immoral wars waged on lies.." ?
  6. If you aren't willing to step up your colleagues are better off without you.

    Its quite emotive how you label your "Deserter" "conscientious objector" etc

    I'm not going to judge anybodies motives especially a women with 3 kids and an Iraq tour under her belt (remembering how long the septics do on their tours)
  7. If you take the money you do what they tell you to.

    IMO, running away is the coward's option. You signed your name; if you can't follow through on your promises then you serve your punishment.

    KevB; discipline is doing what you're told and complaining later. Peoples' perception of "immoral" wars differs hugely, and in this country no-one press-gangs anyone into joining the forces.
  8. Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, there isn't a box you can check for that option when you sign the papers.

    If she is a conscientious objector, that's her right, but there are legal consequences for handling it in the way she's chosen to do - hence the reason she split the country in the first place. I don't blame her for not wanting to do a prison stretch with kids, but serving her time and getting out would have made this whole thing a non-issue.
  9. You mean like the war you contributed to. Fucking Hypocrite
  10. And of course the war waged by the IRA was legal and moral wasn't it? You hypocritical twat.
  11. You join up take the oath and thats it if you dnt want to fight dnt join up ahhhhhhhhhhhhh twats that leg it grip my shit.
  13. Evidently neither have you; Omagh and Enniskillen:



    NM: from your perspective as military police, if a soldiers fails to comply with an order which is not unlawful but he/she feels is immoral, what would be the consequences both for the soldier and the issuer of the order?
  14. In all likelihood the soldier would be arrested by the unit and charged. Disobeying a lawful command would not automatically merit a police investigation. Much depends on whether the order was in fact immoral. Whether it is a lawful command could also hinge upon the morality of it and morality for any sort of courts martial would have to be explored by the court.

    The programme (possibly immorally initiated by the US) to stop soldiers signing off is the "Stop Loss" programme. If the woman has come to the conclusion army life is in some way offencive to her and has been prevented from leaving by Stop-Loss then I have some sympathy for her.
  15. Stop fannying about.

    Get her shot!