Canada exercise 3months

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by tindle0503, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. hi everybody
    i am new here and only came aross this page by trying to find stuff out about canada execise as my husband left today for three months..
    what is it like down here?
    hs anybody been there?
  2. fantastic

    sin bin, cheetahs, silver buckle

    probably all changed names by now.

    but again i say it is fantastic.

    oh yeah, you also do a bit of work as well whilst you are out there.
  3. honestly my first time here and i know he be wokring his bum off but what is it like? middle of nowhere or what? i really am just looking for info about that place i know nearsest town is called medicine hat but thats about it please help
  4. He's going to get drunk most nights watching strippers and coping off with the local lasses!! :twisted:
  5. lets be honest BIG FAT ESKIMO's 8O :D 8O :D
  6. Yes, I know, but I'm in a good polite mood at the moment :twisted:
  7. And they look good through beer goggles :puker:
  8. i heard the strip bars are all closed?is it true that the canadians love the brit accent? he better not be cheating how far is he gonna get with 2000dollars?? thats what he took with him...
  9. He'll get far enough :D
  10. christ now am worried 4 three months that he is cheating on me not any further than before just more upset and worried
  11. This is a Wah, or you are one naïve woman

    Strip Bars all Closed in Med Hat :twisted:

    $2000 is one hell of a lot of “heated” Loonies

    No, No of course I will be working 18 hours a day love :D :D

    Oh and don’t worry about the LOA, I will pay that to 8O
  12. Well if you think he's gonna cheat then why worry, why marry?

    A sqn in my REGT come back next week from canada. A Constuction Exercise I believe they said it was.
  13. maybe not for the whole 3 months 8O 8O 8O 8O
  14. 2000 for three moths and if he does cheat it mst be worth it he?
    how much time do they get off down there? i mean i heard before i was jst like a holiday down there...
  15. what do you mean? i can actually stay faithful not like some others...not meaning anyone in practicular