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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by LondonTankie, Jul 12, 2008.

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  1. any of you lot ever go on the canadian exchange, i went to whitehorse in 2007 and hoping to meet any of you ******* i saw up on the walls
  2. I just got back from Chickerall near Weymouth and there were some Canadian cadets on an exchange there. Seemed to come from all over canada.
  3. yup mate thats why its called an exchange.....theyr all soft bastards anyway never had a good beasting! :p fit girlies though yeh? haha
  4. Pleasant little way with words you have there LT. A credit to the Force ain't you? NOT!!!!!!
  5. why yes i am indeed, thank you for noticing.... you must be from the ccf or something my dear chap
  6. The ones at chickerell didn't really come across very well; they seemed very uptight about everything except fieldcraft, such as complaining about having to keep their weapons with them at all times. Having talked to other cadets both canadian and British about the Canadian system I have to say I was disappointed.
  7. The US JROTC System is even less "warry", compared to the Canadian system I would say the Canadians are better at least they get federal funding, slightly more than what we get in the UK.
  8. some additional information regarding the RCAC

    and the British Army Cadets

    maybe for extra interest

    American cadets

    Australian Army cadets

    New Zealand Army cadets

    for the record i have visited all five of them, I think you were unlucky with the Canadians you met, as there those I have seen that would love warry stuff. the JROTC are limited by Congress in warry stuff as in none.
  9. Errrrr ....... no! ACF (for the last 27 years anyway ;) )
  10. It makes him feel better if he talks like a little chavver you see.
  11. yeah those guys dont do blank firing or much work with weapons. though having fired their C7 its a good rifle and they do look after them well. over the 6 weeks i was there we taught them a lot of tactical fieldcraft, some of them found it hard to grasp it but they were excited to learn it. they are very PC as an organization, their Cadet Harrasment and Protection Program (CHAPP) made me laugh my proverbial socks off when i heard it. however they do get paid while on summer training, the rate of around £30 a week for a training cadet. All comments aside, the majority of them are great blokes/girls and they too understand the level their organisation has sunk to. Better grammar and writing there for you sir......
  12. Thank you old chap :)
  13. Alrite there mate!

    Whitehorse Massive 2007, not quite as good as 2006 though ;)

    It's the SILF here by the way LondonTankie!
  14. would this be the rsm of NI now?
  15. It would be!

    Easy enough to tell who you are anyway!
    Been talking to any of the Canadians recently, anyone back at WHitehorse?