Canada-Entitlements and Allowances

Hi Everyone, just got back from canada after a medman exercise and will like to know what allowance I am entitled to as my RAO always stiff me unless I know exactly what I am entitled to. Please ENLIGHTEN.
Familarise yourself with JSP 752, and log onto JPA. It is not the Admin staff's responsibilty to tell you what you can claim. JPA is self service!

Stop blaming the HR/SPS types.

Also more info required: was Field Conditions granted by your unit, are you married/single, are you in a PAYD unit etc?

suck it up, embrace the change and sort yourself out!

as DannyBoy said, stop being so idle and get your nose into the 702 engrossing pages (with 6 pages just to list the abbreviations) of the JSP.

Simply tell your Boss that you'll not be available for work for the next 3 days as you will be studying the JSP.

Better that you and all those that went to Canada do this than one Clerk tells you all what you can claim.

If you can't get the time off or can't get access to a terminal don't worry because this will save money for the greater good and is one of the (supposedly) unintended advantages (though not for the soldier) of JPA.

A prudent move now would be to get along to the library and lend as many medical reference books as you can and baggsy a good sheltered spot around camp and then; buy a small mirror on a stick, a blood pressure machine and a quality sleeping bag to be ready for the next "suck it up, embrace the change and sort yourself out" programmes of Pay as you Denist, Pay as you Dr and Pay as you sleep.

You have been warned!

Your unit should have come up with some sort of admin brief - if you were on Med Man you will will have been in field conditions - so no food/ Accn to pay, you should receive LOA and you should receive LSA, All of this should be done for you by your unit. That's about your lot, unless you have shelled out from your own pocket .

Thanks a lot for being helpful PW and for those who have suggested I read jsp 752, kindly direct me to where I can get one and i will appreciate it. And I can bet that the above lot are the kind of people who complain when people come to claim what they have earned

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