Canada Day 2010

Discussion in 'Canada' started by hank, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Anyone planning to join the party in Trafalgar Square?
  2. Will it be like this?
  3. I sincerely hope so.
  4. I'm Canadian. Who else here is?
  5. A date might be useful Hank! For anyone just picking up their maple syrup and bearskin and heading out the door, its not till 1st July!

    I didnt know this was even celebrated in London - I'd love to go, but I shall instead celebrate from the beach in Spain.

    Oh Canada!
  6. Yeah cheers for putting the date up for everyone to see Hank! Teeheheheee I thought it was just round the corner too. :oops:
  7. Actually, I don't know when Canada day is, but having always found our Canadian brethren to be damned fine folks (for colonials :twisted: ) I would raise my glass to them and even join them in their celebrations if the opportunity arose.
  8. Happy Canada Day to all you maple leaf lovers from down under :D