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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Back_row_roar, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. Found out a while ago that I'm going to Whitehorse this year. Anyone been or going?
  2. I will take that as a no then, shall I?
  3. I've known people who went and Had some of the Canadians on my camp.

    You'll have a great time mate, just make sure you take lots of crap to swap with their crap.
  4. Lol, the amount of berets that our kids "lose" or get "stolen" when the JROTC visit is a giggle. The amount of American kit they acquire is also a larf.
  5. Thanks for the tip.

    Getting a load of stuff together to 'swap' (sell) so i will have loads of money when i come back I hope.
    But then again I might spend it all on Canadian kit though.....
  6. There's probably not a lot of Canadian kit you'll want. The Canuk cadets get issued with a grotty 1960s era bergen which isn't a patch on ours. Likewise the uniforms which are a strange olive green thing made of a cotton/nylon type mix and looks highly inflammable. It was three years ago I was there, and the adult staff were just getting digicam. Perhaps it's coming in for the cadets as well by now?

    The ratpacks, though, are something else. The Brit cadets were given theirs at breakfast time, eating some and stashing the rest away for later. it was only at lunchtime they realised that they were getting a whole load more boxes, this time the lunch menu; and same again at teatime! Every menu seems to be a winner. Where else could you get decent quality salmon in a boilie ratpack?

    Smoking is highly banned (not only in Cadets but it's the law as well for anyone underage!). This didn't stop the Inuit cadets from puffing away, though. The Inuits won't take to you immediately, but once they get to trust you (it took about a week-and-a-half in my case), they're really loyal. Get them to show you some of their strength-trial games. They seem to have a penchant for tying themsleves up in knots and doing one-finger press-ups. (I guess it must get rather boring when a winter's night lasts several weeks).

    The staff are a very mixed lot. Some good, some definitely not-so-good. Many of the old-timer reservists (as opposed to cadet officers) who attend camp to lead adventure-training etc. are great. Some of the volunteer reservist 'also-rans' who attend to be drivers, signallers etc., don't seem to understand what the camp is all about and it can be hard work getting some of them to do any work. The cadet officers are generally of a reasonable standard although some have attended the same camp for years on end and are in a bit of a rut.

    Another downside is having to lug a shotgun everywhere with you to wave at the bears. Never quite mastered how to carry one on a mountain bike and I was sure I'd capsize and lose the thing on the canoe expedition. The Canadian Cadet Forces are incredibly PC. Each cadet gets issued a card which details how then can make a complaint against you or an NCO and they also don't get taught fieldcraft. Consequently, most of the Candian cadets see straight through the PC thing and want to be as warry as possible and the Brit cadets are in high demand to teach section battle drills etc. after-hours.

    Despite the lectures in the pre-deployment briefing they WILL make friends of the (we hope!) opposite sex amongst the Canadians, and who can blame them? I just warned them about PDAs and tended to turn a blind eye if they sloped off into the woods together.

    All in all it was an excellent experience, helped no end by having a top-notch bunch of cadets from the UK with me, both ACF and CCF. None of them caused any trouble whatsoever and the selection process seemed to have worked well. It was an incredible experience for the cadets. You'll undoubtedly enjoy it as well.
  7. The guys we had join us were great. Friendliest bunch of people I've ever met and as a l/cpl at the time, even their RSM was hanging off every word I had to say when it came to fieldcraft and things.

    I had a mate Ollie who went a year back who said he had problems with them being so strict with girls and stuff, but that's what the camouflage on the uniforms is for right?

    They hand out badges in handfuls and please don't be like some twat in our company who sewed every last one onto his brassard, he looked a mug!

    When I said about trading things, it's more of the novelty items. I got a few rank slides, hat etc and a nice company t-shirt.

  8. Thanks for the info lads.

    One or two of the seniors in my company wre there last year, so it sounds like a good trip.
    Can't wait!
  9. If you are going up to Whitehorse you really should look at going further up towards Dawson City if you have time. It is so much better than Whitehorse, however the route can be quite precarious in the Winter, the beers good, the town is a great laugh, you will be able to buy cheap gold (nuggets or jewelry for the missus) and check out some of the night spots. These include Diamond Tooth Gerties, Gambling Hall, Can Can Girls and some cool music, there is also the Snake Pit which is fairly cheap and full of locals or the local whorehouse which unfortuantely is now just a bar.

    Quality area of the country, enjoy yourself whilst you are over here but do try to get up North a bit further.

    Have Fun
  10. Yeah, I like the sound of that.......

    THanks for the tip, but I doubt that I will get that far out of camp.
    As for the Can-Can girls etc..... We'd best keep that to ourselves :twisted:
  11. Well I may be joining you! Ive got a reserve place so if someone breaks their leg in a freak accident the day before :twisted: i get to go.. :D
  12. i will be visiting Canada in the province of Alberta, i wil be taking the opportunity to visit Canadian cadet units, some of what has been said earlier has been useful to me.
  13. Its a good job you are nowhere near me then....

    You won't be tempted :pissedoff:
  14. Glad the thread has been of use, semper.
  15. Only the CIC instructors wear CADPAT, as technically they are part of the reserves, wearing real CADPAT if you are not in the CF (Canadian Forces) is illegal for some strange reason. Also, because of their CHAP (Cadet Harassment and Abuse Programme) they are not allowed to single out individual cadets for punishment.