Can your superior force you to change your trade?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by barney11, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I am just thinking of joining the army.

    I was wondering, after I have chosen my trade (carpenter), would I be able to stick to it my whole army career? or would my superior be able to force me to change my trade, like maybe there is a shortage of infantry and he would transfer me to infantry without my agreement?

    also, what are the chances of going to afghanistan? if i get a trade like carpenter, i guess i won't be going to afghanistan then?
  2. Probably wah but sodd it.
    Carpenter is within the royal engineers, don't forget that you are also a soldier first and a combat engineer second, so if there is a shortage of infantry then you will already be trained in that role! Yes you probably will go to Afghanistan primarily as an engineering role, but also infantry and carpentry when they are required.
  3. Welcome to Arrse, Barney.

    The world changes and things move on; trades develop from nothing (all the RSigs trades) and other trades die out (butcher, bedding storeman).

    When trades are run down, it happens over years. Firstly, recruiting is switched off, then alternative trades are identified. Soldiers are asked which option they want, and then they are re-traded, with the necessary training. Eventually, the trade lives on only in the memories of the old men of the Corps who gather around the camp-fire in the evening and swing the lanterns....

    However, I guess that as long as we need buildings and storage boxes, we will need carpenters!

    Yes, you would be able to pursue that trade for your whole career but lots of trades have a rank ceiling; if you want to rise further, you will have to re-trade into a sister trade.

    Once you are qualified, your "superior" will not be able to change your trade - although he might suggest that you might not be suitable for further promotion.

    Your last question is easier to answer: you will be a soldier first and liable for deployment anywhere in the world.

  4. Correct a Carpenter IS a trade of the Royal Engineers.... but forget any of this rubbish that you can do an Infantry job.

    You are a soldier, yes. Infantryman? No. And no you are not trained in that role.

    To the OP. If you want to change trades, you can. It IS possible to be changed trades... but in order for this to occur you would have to be either in a trade that was hideously overmanned or in a trade that was done away with.

    Eitherway you will have a big say in it, and depending on your rank/appointment at the time could soldier on as the last remenant of that trade. Hailing from the Royal Signals, we have a number of legacy tradesmen sat in Regimental Duty slots (where the initial trade is of little consequence) who were all sorts of archaic carp.

    As a Sapper you will be trained as a Soldier (not an Infantryman though), as Combat Engineer and finally as a Chippy. If you wish, you may add further trades to your belt such as Diver or EOD. You may end up in a position to add other trades also, so you could be a chippy plumber or a specialised trade such as a M3 Rig Op.

    You will go to Afghanistan.

    But ultimately the only change to your career that would be made without your consent would be you leaving the Army. Usually because you are sh1t, naughty or some sort of pill popping smack head.
  5. Thanks guys. But if I was a carpenter, that means I would spend all my time at work doing carpenting right?

    There is mention that I will be a soldier first. What is the likelihood they will transfer me to afghanistan, iraq, the war zones as a "soldier" or "engineer". if so, what role could I play as a "soldier" or "engineer" at war?

    What is the difference between an infantryman and soldier anyway?

    So basically if i was a carpenter, and they are short of soldiers in afghanistan, they could transfer me to afghanistan as a front line troop doing patrols or engineer in the front line?
  6. This will depend on your posting if you are posted to a support Sqn then yes there will be a bit of chippying required, however if you are posted to an Oggy troop the chances of using your trade will depend on tours and what work the OC or SSm require (usually plaques, name boards etc) When you are deployed on a tour you will go as a Sqn or Troop (depending on Regt Role) that Sqn will be part of a larger Battle Group. The Sqn will be tasked with various jobs that would include dems, camp maintenance, IED search (in some cases), mine field clearence, building civvie projects such as schools etc.
  7. Barney, if you join the army you become a soldier, we will be taught to fire weapons, if you become a civvy carpenter you will clean up crap and make tea during your apprenticeship.

    When civ carpenters are on hard times and cant afford apprentices, they clean up their own crap and make their own tea.
  8. You need to speak to a Recruiting Sgt but.

    If you are a Chippy, that is the role you will be expected to carry out. You WILL be a Combat Engineer also.

    Thus, when you go to Afghanistan (or anywhere else) you will go with your Troop (or maybe a specific to role team) or Sqn or Regiment.

    In theatre you will build things (we still need wooden frames and other stuff) for infrastructure and the like.

    You maybe called upon to utilise your other skills, such as Combat Engineer to construct bridges or lay mines. Your Soldier skills will be used to defend yourself, your location and your mates as they carry out their tasks.

    Infantryman, closes with and kills the enemy in offensive, purposeful actions.

    Soldiers, defend themselves, their locations and their mates.

    Joining ANY trade in the British Army does not mean you will be doing what your Civvie counterparts do on a day to day basis.

    The Soldier function comes to play, which means a highly specialised Communications Engineer could be putting up tents, digging ditches or manning a guard point. WHilst his civvie counterpart would probably just sit in their IT suite.

    A chef will be called upon to utilise their skills to levels not seen in civvie catering. Turning Spam and mash in to culinary delights, possibly whilst building their own kitchen, ovens and ensuring clean water supplies.

    As a chippy, you will build things out of wood, utilise your combat engr skills, and look after yourself, defend yourself and generally do anyother sh1t job that needs doing... you could even be burning you and your mate's sh1t.

    Best thing to do is speak to a recruiter... there is obligation to join or...

    You could even stag on outside the Queen's Pad....
  9. I think you're (understandably) holding a few misconceptions, Barney.

    You may join as a carpenter, but from my experience very few people perform their trade on a daily basis - usually it's only when you're on tour (although I did leave in 2005).

    You'll more likely be trained as a carpenter after your other training (as a soldier & in Military Engineering) & then sent to a regiment where you'll primarily be a Combat Engineer... Which is basically means you'll be performing all sorts of stuff, from building fences, repairing roads, to blowing up bridges (in theory, anyway - and not certainly during your day-to-day job (that will most likely revolve around sweeping up). If you want a trade that you perform everyday (well, at least on exercise, tour etc), choose something like Plant Operator or Driver. Although avoid signaller at all costs....

    Edit: I know this is pretty much what others have said, but I thought I'd try to explain it to Barney differently.