Can you wear "wings" prior to "p" company?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BigLeeNapes, Nov 10, 2011.

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  1. Hi guy's, just after a bit of info please,
    I am passing "p" company early next year.
    I am currently very physically fit and have no medical problems I am very confident that I will breeze through.
    As I already have a Para smock does anybody know the "rules" concerning the wearing of wings prior to passing the course?
    I have a set a wings ready to be sewn on and I would be willing to remove them should I fail, which is highly unlikely.
    I am only asking as I don't to get into trouble,

    Serious reply's only please

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. This, Munters and Gentlemen, is why we don't smoke crack.

    Poor effort.
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  3. Oh, this one is going to run and run.

    I've got Hob-Nobs if anyone wants one. Bring your own brew.
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  4. Wah. 2 out of 10. Must try harder.
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  5. Self confidence is an essential quality in every successful paratrooper. As such I would anticipate no problems.

    You should also consider growing a tache and sewing that first stripe on as well while you are at it.
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  6. Originally Posted by BigLeeNapes
    I will miss out on the medal as I intend to leave the services around March /April time and will not do another year just to receive the medal.

    Thought you were getting out. Are you sure you won't just buy some para wings and forget about the course?

    They would go nice with your Ebay medals.(can't do link but you know what I mean)
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  7. 6695873_39911497497280168.jpg

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  8. Big Lee Dont do drugs and stay in school ................

    wings . medals ..fantasy .....blah ..... give me strength...
  9. I fully intend to do the course.
    I have mates who have passed and they have told me that i should have no problems at all.
    I am only asking so as not to get into trouble, if the answer is that i'm not allowed then i won't wear them until i pass the course.
  10. Not much of a wah. More of a shit wind up.
  11. Ignore the naysayers Big Lee they are just jealous of your obvious suitability for being an Army Man.

    That said if you are knocking up a WAH at least pay attention to the detail;
    P Coy = "look at me everyone" Hat
    Jumps = Wings

    Unless you are a mumbling, jug eared inbred in which case welcome to Arrse your Royal Highness
  12. 2 out of 10. Are you a friend of his? This is not even worthy of the term Wah.

  13. Like I said before "must try harder"

    Why not start your next thread with my Grandad won a VC at Arnhem, can I wear it on my butt plug on Remembrance Sunday.
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  14. If it is a wind up it's a shit one.

    If there's a miniscule chance this is for real - What the fuck do you think you bellend? If you could wear badges based on what your abilities are in your head, then every COD/Aorsoft warrior could fcuking badge themselves up as SAS............Oh hang on..........
  15. Why can't anyone just give me a straight answer?