Can you wear glasses at Sandhurst? What about contact lenses?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by sailormad, May 19, 2013.

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  1. I am hoping to join the army as a medical officer. I wear glasses, but only for my right eye, as my vision is blurry through that eye. I can see through it, and see shaped, but not specific detail. My left eye is perfect. Without glasses, I can see fine , it's just to help my right eye. Would I be allowed to join if I wear glasses? Or would it be impractical? Would contact lenses be a better option? I don't want laser surgery, as I've heard this can damage you night vision, or something like that. What are your ideas/views?
  2. Check with a recruiter or online to see if your prescription is within the accepted limits.

    Don't trust random people on a website loosely affiliated with the army for a definitive answer.

    Show better judgement and decision making as a Potential Officer.

    Surprisingly not all members of the army are Aryan supermen. Yes you can wear glasses at RMAS (you will get some issued to wear) as long as your prescription is within the accepted limits
  3. yes i am going down to the office later on this week, i was just wondering. i will ask the advisor, thanks for the advice
  4. Have you considered instead wearing a monocle?
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  5. Contacts/glasses are fine. I wore both whilst there - just as fraudstar said, your prescription must be within set limits - I am -3.00 in one, -3.75 in t'other, and had no dramas.

    Though I too think a monocle is the solution.
  6. Or just an eye patch... who needs 2 eyes anyway?
  7. Sailors?
  8. No sailors at Sandhurst......
  9. Oh i don't know, a few camp ones each term allegedly!
  10. You can take them off for map-reading ...
  11. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    You can't buy monocles any more. Patrick Moore bought them all and he's dead now.

    You'll be issued glasses at Sandhurst and you DO have to wear them.

  12. "Hooogan!"
  13. I was issued specs at RMAS - I was fortunate in that they were made to an entirely wrong prescription and thus I didn't have to wear them as the med chain couldn't sort them / I wasn't allowed spare time to sort it for months. It meant I could wear my own specs rather than the ******* tonk issued ones. It worked out quite well tbh.

    I got a few pairs of dirt cheap from GlassesDirect or similar and it didn't matter if they got broken.

    In the medical centre clearing part of RMAS I gave in my prescription (for the Nth time) and got specs / resi lenses / Revision3 lenses made.