Can you watch soldiers weep?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Stein, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. Can you watch soldiers weep?
  2. What's the content of your post got to do with the title?
  3. The film is controversial because it's rare to see failing weeping soldiers in Holywood films
  4. It's even rarer to see failing weeping soldiers in the forces.
  5. They're actors, not soldiers.

    I've seen plenty of soldiers cry.............CS is a cnut.
  6. This Israeli guy is to first to come out to say I failed, a friend was killed because of me. It must be remembered that unlike most countries, Israelis must serve in the army after high school/when they turn 18. This means that not every soldier is prepared emotionally for what is about to come especially at a time of war.

    PS, it's not crying because of mourning but he's incompetent Mamma boy
  7. So the film is called Lebanon?

    Where does the weeping soldier bit come in?
  8. Neither are any forces really. Conducting section attacks on X range in Sennybridge is a far cry from a section attack in Sangin. We can train a soldier to get the 'motions' correct but we can't really train a soldier to control his 'emotions' in combat. Everyone reacts differently in situations where our lives and the lives of our friends are at risk.
  9. Born on the Fourth of July? Platoon? All Quiet on the Western Front? Yeah greeting Toms are proper hen's teeth aren't they...
  10. Cry out of fear
  11. I wept earlier today - the Last Post always does it...
  12. It was peeling onions for me
  13. Would I be correct in saying you don't like Jews in general and Israelis in particular ?