Can you use civvy police if the RMP dont charge someone?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by APSED, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. A soldier in my unit broke into my locker and stole some of my gear. The RMP were called arrested the thief and searched him and his lockers. They found some of my property but did not charge him and are not going to. They have not told me why not. On top of this it doesn't look like my unit are going charge him. If they don't can I report the theft to the civvy police and let them deal with?
    I am pissed off, my first instinct was to beat the crap out of the thief but I reported the theft to the guard room instead. I thought was the right thing at the time, but it looks like its better to deal with these things yourself as the RMP at not interested.
  2. The Old Bill still have a statatory duty to invesitgate all criminal activity, you could try them, but I wouldnt hold out much hope of them doing anything.
  3. You did do the right thing. I am assuming you are UK based, if the incident happened inside the wire, civpol will not touch it. Have you seen a copy of the report, it will have been sent to your Adjutant. If you still have concerns, raise these with your Adjutant. He can then raise these with the 2IC of the Pro Coy which dealt with your case.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind Regards

  4. APSED, firstly the RMP don't charge anyone. They simply report the facts to your CO and Legal. The decision to charge is your CO's based on the advice of the Army Legal Service in the event that the matter is of a minor criminal nature or the Army Prosecution Service (not sure if they've changed their name since the new Armed Forces Act came in) alone if the matter is serious.

    Without knowing the details it sounds to me like its most likely that the Army Legal Service did not recommend proceeding with the matter. If they didn't its unlikely the CPS would if the civvy bill investigated. Definitely speak to your chain of command and ask for the reasons. If the RMP did not report the suspect for an offence you'll also get a letter from them telling you that no-one has been identified as the offender. If you didn't get a letter like this its likely that they reported them for the theft.

    PM me if you have any further questions. Happy to help if I can.
  5. longwayhome is quite correct, the procedure may take some time. the CO has to get legal advice before charging after he receives the RMP report. What sort of delay are you talking?

    if the tea-leaf had more goodies belonging to others and the RMP were still investigating, the RMP report would cover the whole job, and might not yet be issued. it goes out usually 2 weeks after the job is complete - including getting forensics etc (which can take a while)

    if there is a delay there will be interim reports issued to the unit. check with your Chain of Command as to progress, it might not be all doom and gloom.

    do not do anything to the tea-leaf other than keep a close eye on him, as you will be in more trouble than him!!
  6. Next time beat the crap out of him(whilst having a great alibi) then report the incident (no not the beating)
  7. Seek advice from a lawyer and tell Your CoC that is your intention, this is your rights, if this person is not charged, inform CoC that you have no choice but to pursue this with Civi Lawyers, which you have rights to use, not just Military Pretend lawyers.

    Civil police have no power in camp, unless it is Murder. Civi Lawyers do have power to bring military persons to Court and get the military to hand over evidence in a court. You will also find out that the Military will always back down when civi lawyers on a wining case, threaten compensation and media attention.
  8. That'll come as news to quite a few people I've seen arrested on various camps by civil police...
  9. Thanks for the reply guys.
    longwayhome, I got a letter from the RMP telling me they were not reporting anyone for the offence. I have been waiting 8 months now and I have passed this up the CoC several times and never get a proper reply or reason as to want is happening and I can't speak to the Adjutant in person. I get told things like "I mentioned it at the O group" and then nothing happens. Apart from the thief getting away with it the RMP won't give me my property back until they the nod from my CO or Adjutant. I am in a very large unit and nobody seems to have time to look into this properly, maybe because they have alot of discipline issues to deal with. However I'm sure on civvy street it wouldn't take this long one way or the other.
  10. And you're Perry f*cking Mason then are you? F*ckwit.
  11. APSED, check your PMs
  12. Snorkel, in all seriousness mate, you ain't got a clue.. PM in your intray APSED.

  13. Really, that is very funny because I went through this procedure myself three years ago.
    But before I prove my point, lets see into this wisdom of yours?
    If I have no clue, let’s see you demonstrate to all, with your educated understanding of Military law and Civilian law, that i have no clue.

    This is going to be a laugh.
  14. What about MOD police, could you speak to them about it?
  15. "To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge."
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