Can you use a number as a Win7 user account name?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 4(T), Nov 17, 2012.

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  1. Got to page 10 of Google without even finding a mention of this, so its over to Arrse IT support:

    I'm about to start up a fresh OEM installation of Win7 Home Premium on a laptop. I want to know if the default username - which of course has to chosen as part of the normal Windows set-up - can be a number, or whether it has to be composed of letters instead?

    I'm trying to solve an issue of using English language application on a Russian Win7 installation; briefly English apps can't recognise a username written in Cyrillic, and Russian apps can't recognise a username written in latin script. The only commonality between the different language character maps is the number keys. hence my sneaky plan to use numbers instead of charcaters.
  2. Quick answer is yes, better off upgrading and using language packs. Whenever I see people using workarounds I see issues.
  3. This is exactly the plan: I'm going to upgrade to Win7 Ultimate (Russian), and then use the English language packs.

    Before I do that, however, I need to make a set of OEM recovery disks in case I need to make a warranty claim on the PC - the local warranty is invalid if any change is made to the OS. The Asus recovery disk app won't work because of the conflict in Latin/Cyrillic account names.

    As I've never used Win7 Ultimate to change language, I also want to hedge my bets with an account name that will survive the transition. Seems to me that a number would be ok.