Can you trust muslim Doctors/NHS staff

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugly, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. If you are or have been serving in HM Armed Forces and that fact is mentioned in your civvie medical notes, in light of recent events can you trust the treatment, you might get at the hands of muslim Doctors/NHS Staff, will they pass on your military background to terrorists etc, is the treatment they give you correct ?

    Remember some muslim Doctors/NHS have already stated they wont treat gays or those with STD. How long before it is HM Forces ?
  2. Well if thats the case report them to the GMC/local health authority and a bit of bad press may make them cange your mind.
  3. FFS Bugly, get a grip - those who object to gays or have an extremist mindset will probably have been pinged by their peers long ago. And in the current climate, any sensible hospital manager will want to avoid controversy and probably post the doctor concerned to another wing.
  4. Have you evidence of this ?? It sounds like a news clip fron the Daily Mail !!
  5. If you can't trust them, I suggest you don't get sick, or hit by a bus. Medicine is a middle class profession that traditionally attracts families from the Asian Sub Continent as being an appropriate profession. This means that in this country there are plenty of Muslim Doctors.
    Also be interested to see the source for Muslim Doctors refusing to treat patients who come from any group.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I trust them. Two Iraqi consultants helped my son rcover form a very nasty accident recently. Top Blokes, only interested in doing their job, and making money - nowt wrong with them!
  7. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Daft question unless you're the sort of berk who rolls up because you got a thorn in your finger.

    You could have a card made I suppose?

    "In the event I am unloaded from a stretcher unconcious and spurting black blood I do not wish to be treated by a Muslim".
  8. This is getting stupid, and just cos a few cases come up, does not mean every single muslim is an extremist. All talk like this does , is just what the extremists want, division in communities even bigger than there are already.

    There are many muslims who come to UK and live alongside and in harmony with us, the indigenous population, to refuse healthcare purely on the grounds that they pray to Allah would be more fool you. Most Doctors and Medical Staff who work in this country are spot on. If they don't want to treat Gays or those with STD's like formely said, they will have been pinged ages ago for going against their oath to treat all and anyone needing their help ,surely a code that all medical practioners agree to adhere to . Remember the Geneva Convention Vid treating the enemy if they have higher priority injuries? Same goes for civillian practioners.

    These people have trained to save protect and preserve life. A few extremists should not be a reason to refuse treatment. Would you have refused lived in a house in the 70s thru the late 90s that an Irish Brickie had built in case he had left a sleeping timed device in your foundations? Don't be bloody soft! So why be different to Muslim medical practioners?

    Personally I don't care what colour or creed they are as long as they do their job right.
  9. What the fooking hell are you on about you kunt!?! You won't trust a Muslim doctor - tosser! Would you have trusted Harold Shipman? What about Irish doctors a few years back, German ones a few more further back? What if the bombers were postmen? Would you demand that only white, British born, regular church going protestants could deliver your mail?

    Go bury your head back in the sand numbnuts!

  10. because the press have made a big thing about the latest terrorist attackers being involved in the medical profession, every muslim doctor/medic/paramedic/dentist/chiropodist etc in the UK is going to pass on your personal details to his best mate terry taliban?

    What a b*ll*cks question. Send this thread to the hole!!!
  11. Interesting. I now look more closely at what the doctor does with ref to my parents (77+78). This is BECAUSE of shipman. Am I being, what? A racist? Bigot?
  12. Utter and complete Gash. Going to turn down a Muslim Doctor when its your Ruby making a mess all over the A and E floor are you?

    I fear not.

  13. Although it would shorten the queue for the rest of us. Therefore he's happy and we are happy!
  14. No , let's leave it out here for a bit longer.
  15. Only if you don't trust doctors with dodgy beards (which you obviously don't because no one should). I think being wary of any doctor is good practice and getting a second opinion (when approp) is a good idea.