Can you tell what it is yet?....

Tie me Kangeroo down Sport,I'm off to see the Queen! So Rolf is awarded a CBE from the Boss! Good on ye Rolf!!
Also getting one is Beverly Knight is gets a MBE,Sleazy Jet owner Stelios ********* & chef Gary Rhodes are all awarded gongs!!

Oh,& busy body Esther Rancid get's one too!!
Nice to see Rolf getting what he deserves, cheaper than a QANTAS single and well earned for his services to tripeds. I bet the Queen hides the corgis that day.

Must admit had to look up Beverley Knight, heard of a possible relative 'Silent' but I'm sure she deserves it as well.

Stelios was asked if wanted the full knighthood package, the ceremony is extra and the Queen does charge a small fee for handshakes.

Gary Rhodes who deserves his award for his services to hair gel and can cook a bit was reported to be eggstatic and hammed it up for the camera.

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