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Can you tell me when passing out parade will be?

sarahhughes said:
Hey my bf is doin his trainin fr REME in bassingbourn at the mo, he finishes in september.wat day is passin out parade normally on?

normally on a sunday about 19.30.

i,d get there about half hour early to be sure of a seat.

No offence, I have analysed your message and you are quite obviously retarded, if he has not phoned to tell you when his passing out parade is - you are binned. Suck it up and move on. He has been ******** the NAAFI staff.
he passes out a few times. Once of the square, once in the naffi about 13.30, once agian after scoff, once again after a night out and then he wakes up with a naffi chick who is 6ft tall and blonde ( she is a virgin too)

sorry to say this but he wont be passing out with you.

Thats how my pass out parade went, or words to that effect.

but if your single now, i can hook you up with someone who will pass out with you. she is 6 ft tall blonde.


only messing with you, he passes out on sunday 13th at 11.00.
be there or 6 ft blonde naffi chick will eat him and marry him and off to germany they go.

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