Can you tell if scots notes are kosher?

The only failsafe method of telling if a Scottish banknote is genuine is to try to take it out of the Scotsman's hand.

If it rips in half, it's genuine.
Not if it's one of these new-fangled "plastic" ones. They don't rip. You'll have the Scotsman in your hand / wallet as well!


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She sounds like a lovely lady.
She is normally when her own side of the border but something seems to irritate her when she's south of it!
A good mate of mine from Croydon (no not him), who's lived up here for years used to swap pound coins for pound notes at every chance.

He had quite a collection in his wallet for "going out" with.

WTF? those are going to be be useless soon we said blah blah.

He used to take them to lap dancing clubs, fold them length ways and tuck them into the dancers pants so they thought they were fivers or tenners.

And folk think we're skinflints!?

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