Can you tell if scots notes are kosher?

I'd refuse that note legal or not.
five arseholes on the back and a massive cunt on the front, I mean woz all that about?
Post them to me and I'll verify their authenticity.
That's why it has 'SPECIMEN' written on it.

Coz it's pish.


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They'll always be one of us about to tell you "I think you'll find that's legal tender"
Had a bus driver at Gatwick refuse one at Easter "cos of ze trouble back home" said the English bus driver Jose.
half five in teh morning, he was lucky there Master Fang and Miss Fang were there to help hold Mrs F who was for tearing him a new arse hole, he could have parked his bus in!


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The lettering and pictures normally look like they have been stretched by the tight cunts trying to keep hold of them!
Bollox, true scots never even get to see a £20 pound note! They're kept for the incomers from over the border
I'll have you know I saw a £20 note once! It was in a shop, one of them posh ones.
They'll always be one of us about to tell you "I think you'll find that's legal tender"
They can be a pain in the arse to exchange outside the UK though.

I have been told that they are as good as gold though, as the issuing banks in Scotland can only issue as many notes as their assets can cover. I've been taking that with a grain of salt since the Royal Bank of Scotland just about went tits up a couple of years ago.
All ligitimate Scottish notes have an offical odour of Irn Bru and Twiglets to help combat forgeries!

blerb....Scottish Banknotes Legal Position more blerb......[/url]
I liked this from the article....

"However, you should not rely absolutely on Scottish notes being accepted outside Scotland and this is particularly true when travelling abroad."

Which basically means the Welsh don't take em then.
Its easy to tell.....if you get a match and light the bottom left hand corner of the £20 note whilst swigging out a bottle of cheap whiskey hopefully one of you will go up in flames.

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