Can you take the main board after turning it down initailly


Here goes. I'm ready for a full range of answers. I did my RCB brief approximately 12 months ago and got a cat one pass. In the short weeks that followed my personal circumstances changed and therefore put any thought of going for the main board completely out of question. I then phoned up Westbury and said with regret "I'm going to have to with draw my application" and also informed my sponsor.

Now comes the about turn. I now want to take the main board but as unsure as to what response I would get from Westbury if I told them. Would they still have my details and would my cat one still be valid? Would I have to retake the RCB brief or would they say "forget it you've messed us around don’t come back".

Any response is greatly appreciated.
No one can tell you the answer you want to hear, grow a set of balls and just phone them yourself! If you haven't got the balls to do that, then maybe you should enter Macie Ds management trg prog!
AFAIK...a brief category is valid for seven years (or it might just be the main board). However, you decided that you couldn't pursue a career in the Army for VALID reasons. As long as you are up front with them and tell them that your personal situation has changed and that you are interested in attempting the main board then I am sure that there will be no problems.

Caveat: there is good and bad news...The good is that you were given a cat.1 pass at the briefing which will stand you in much better stead than if you had been given a 3. The bad...Dependant on which regiment was sponsoring you through the process, they may feel a bit miffed off and you may be left needing to find another sponsor. HOWEVER...if you are keen on attempting the board soon, you CAN still attempt it with sponsorship from your schools/universities recruiting officer (normally a retired ex col. or something similar).

My advice. 1) Speak to your recruiting officer and give him the gen. 2) If he says so, speak to the staff at AOSB. 3) Contact your old sponsoring regiment and IN WRITING send them a letter with your statement of intent. You never know they may just say hop on the old bandwagon and crack on at the board.

Like the dude above said...just get on with it and you'll be reet.

Pretty good advice from Brocky. If your sponsor is a good one, they won't bear a grudge, but it might depend on how you turned it down last time.

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