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Can you take D-Bol in the army/ CDT?

We used to have Spag Bol once a week never did us any harm ;)


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..eating well and training correctly will do the trick* and there’s no danger of an awkward chat with the OC, during which neither coffee nor biscuits will be offered. A seat is unlikely.
Oh, for Heaven's sake! Listen to the advice wise heads have given you! Because, if you're unlucky in the long term and don't get caught in time, a chat with a Doctor beckons, again devoid of refreshments, but the chair will of course be necessary given the news you might well receive.
*It will. Basic medical fact. Well known for millennia. Literally.
I know a lot of people take D-BOL supplement for working out in the army... just wondering if you were allowed and if it would should up on a CDT?

serious replies only please, happy Friday!

Isn't it a controlled substance in the UK?
If your 'mate' wants man boobs, pea size nuts and acne... go ahead.
Why don't you just try Desomorphine. It can hardly **** you up more than you already are.


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Dianabol's clinical name is Metandienone, a drug developed to help men who have reduced testicular function. It's side effects include the appearance of excessive body hair, gynaecomastia (male breasts) and increased sexual desire.
I thought dinner tasted funny tonight. I'm off to slap SWMBO.