Can you sue a Judge

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by syledis, May 26, 2012.

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  1. There was a case ins Scotland recently over a Jamaican rapist who , after his first rape and conviction, was recommended for depertation but 3 judges overruled it. He went
    on to commit several more offences before being caught again. My question is:

    Can you sue the judges that stopped his deportation after the first offence for negligence as they said that one sexual assault conviction doesnt warrant deportation, or can
    they be as negligent as they like wothout comebacks?

    BBC News - Serial rapist Chan Wright gets lifelong restriction order
  2. Given the fact that judges tend to just not give a sh1t about what anyone but they tehmselves think of a subject, what do you think?

    I am not completely sure that to change this situation would be a good thing. We don't really want 'mob rule' to affect judges descisions, but to be honest some descions are fcuking barking.

    IMHO, one rape should have resulted in a one way ticket back to jamaica and a permenent ban on his ever returning to the UK.
  3. To research this one, look up "Absolute Privillage". It's the same privillage granted to MPs when they speak in the house and can't be sued for it. In the same way, when you slag off someone from the dock when under oath, you can't be sued for what you say. There's more to it than this, but you can look it up easily enough, like I say start with, "Absolute Privillage".
  4. How have they been negligent? They don't make judgements on no basis, they are guided by current laws and also unfortunately these include those foisted on us by the ECHR.
  5. The short answer is no. You can complain to the office for judicial complaints but only about their personal conduct not about their professional ineptitude.
  6. I'm sure that will be a great comfort to the women who were raped because the judges decided to give this sub-human, who already had convictions for rape and drug dealing, a second chance.:roll:

    In any case, he was not deported because the judges thought it could not be proven he would re-offend(or words to that effect). While I'm no fan of the ECHR, it was not a factor in this case.

    Personally, I don't think the judges should be sued. I'd rather they, and the untermensch they were so keen on protecting, were shot in the head and buried in the same mass grave. Now that would be Justice.:twisted:
  7. In short, no! Judges cannot be sued for the quality (or otherwise) of their decision making.
  8. I have every sympathy with the OP but who would "judge" the judges? Think you'll find it's a tighter closed shop than the General Medical Council and how many unfathomable decisions have they made when a Doctor is called before them?
  9. You would have to research the law of whatever ****ing planet most of them are on these days because it would not fall under the legal system of any country on earth!
  10. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    I seem to recall that there is a route of appeal if folks beilve that a judgement is too lenient and this tool has been used recently to have sentences increased for some of these scroats .
  11. I just feel if they were accountable to the general public, even to the extent of us voting for them, they would listen to public opinion a bit more and perhaps add a moral aspect to their sentencing and rulings.
  12. I've wondered about accountability & JP's signing search warrents.

    Local plod goes to a tame JP with the "evidence", these days it can be as simple as our IR camera shows a high heat signature, so it must be a canabis farm & said JP signs a search warrent.

    Your front door gets kicked down & the plod finds no canabis, just that you are guilty of failing to insulate your roof, not a crime (yet)!

    Your buildings insurance won't pay for repairs as it's the plod, the plod won't pay for repairs as they had a legal warrent, signed by a JP, the JP was acting on the information given by the police.

    You are left to pay for your own repairs!!!!!
  13. Switch your central heating off at night mucker. I can recommend a decent Handyman who'll fix your door quite cheaply.
  14. I was acquainted with a Barrister in West Yorkshire, he was in the same sportsclub as me. As a bloke he was ok, but as a Barrister he was a self employed individual and had to look after number one. He was appointed to a judgeship that took up a few days a month of his time - the perceived opinion was that he could'nt really give a shit about the people in the cases that he heard. He was more interested in the kudos, extra business and higher fee's the judgeship gave him in his work as a Barrister.
  15. You can definitely judge a sue if that helps.