Can you still do Infantry if you get a high BARB score?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by EveryManAnEmperor, Jun 12, 2011.

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  1. Basically, i want to go to AFC Harrogate as a Junior Para or Rifleman.

    So when i do my BARB test, if i score high and get my job list, even if its not on it, could i still do Infantry?
  2. You can put Infantry down as one of your preferences if you get the right GTI score on your bARB (its the lowest score for any job anyway). When you go to ADSC the ADSO will also put on your Report if he thinks your suitable for INFANTRY what ever job you go for.......if he doesnt think your robust enough then its his decision if he allows you to go for infantry or your other preferences.
  3. Just make sure you get plenty of questions wrong, no point in taking any chances.
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  4. Haha.
    Are you guys for real or joking?
    I mean, i want to go to infantry, but along the line at some point, maybe show interest for something like Pathfinders, or ATO.
  5. When I took mine, knowing feck all about the Army other than some mates in the Anglians, I did mention Infantry and the guy looked at the scores and told me "No. That would be wasting my time, the Army's time and your time." He then ripped off all but the last sheet and told me to choose from that. I got the feeling that had I pushed it, he would have found a way to dump the application.
  6. Use crayons it worked for me!
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  7. What if you have eaten them all?
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  8. What do you mean by dump the application?

    My dad was infantry. Its nothing to do with him being it, i just cant picture myself doing anything but that.
    Its what i've always wanted to do since i was a little lad.
  9. Then tell the recruiter you want to join the Infantry, simples.
  10. I recently did my BARB and got 64, as it says in my sig, and my recruiter's happy enough for me to go to AFC as a JE para, it's your life, make of it what you will. If you want to go infantry, do it. Also, how do you know you'll get a high BARB score?
  11. No I actually thought I would answer your question with complete bollocks as Ive got nothing else to I said in the end its all up to the ADSO if you are infantry from early last year they look at your robustness/strenght of character and try to determine if you would have the attributes to be in the Infantry and Ive seen a few who passed ADSC selection who have been told not suitable for infantry but suitable for other jobs.
  12. Doesn't matter if you have a high barb score. You just have to be a ninja at using the grenade cleaning kit from day one of training
  13. You must then join the RAF Regiment!
  14. I got 60+ and still went PARA, recruiter tried to persuade me otherwise but I stuck to my guns, best thing I did, transferred 10 yrs later though!
  15. Im not saying dont go if over qualified, Ive had applicants with degrees, A levels and shit loads of quals go Regular soldier Infantry and PARA.if thats what you want to do then fine they even turned down going Officer but can see them going that later in their careers. What im saying is dont think firstly that its easy to go into the Infantry at per my previous post some lads pass ADSC Selection but are not suitable for infantry and not permitted to go as the ADSOs dont believe they have the right robustness to deal with what the Infantry are doing on a daily basis in Helmand.