Can you steam chicken breast fillets from frozen?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by carlbcfc, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Can this be done if I steamed it for long enough so its all cooked thorough?
  2. best to let them defrost,mate.
  3. Ok cheers. I always remember to defrost too bloody late for dinner time.
  4. Get a microwave and defrost them thorougly, although they'll end-up a bit rubbery. Do not steam from frozen, you'll get ill.
  5. Got one but everytime I defrost they come out slightly cooked.
  6. yes you can
  7. How can you tell?
  8. Oi stupid bollox, if you read the instructions properly, assuming you CAN read, it's actually poached chicken breast, now fuck off and leave the grown ups alone.
  9. Go sainty :lol:
  10. :D brilliant!
    A lesson in how to get mileage out of a bone thread. Excellent!
  11. what is the difference between fillet and chicken breast?
  12. The same as the difference between you and a human, f'kin vast.
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    Eat a raw one of each and find out, you pointless fuckwit.
  14. Just a minute Saint, yep, got crisps, half a bottle of claret, fags,... ok, shoot!