Can You spot what's wrong with this?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Troy, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. BBC News - Killer Paul Flint absconds on day release in Suffolk

    "Killer Paul Flint absconds on day release in Suffolk
    Paul Flint was due back at Hollesley Bay prison by Saturday evening.

    A convicted murderer has failed to return to a prison in Suffolk. Paul Flint, 47, was due back at Hollesley Bay prison by 19:30 BST on Saturday after being granted day release, but failed to return.

    Flint, who is serving a life sentence for murder, was last seen in Ipswich but police think he may be in London.

    Police said he was wearing blue jeans, blue trainers, a blue polo shirt and two jackets. They advised people not to approach him.

    Police say Flint also has connections to the Crawley area of West Sussex."

    What on earth was a convicted murderer who's a danger to approach doing in an open prison in the first place? Thoughts of dungeons, and ball and chain occur to me!

    (disclaimer - I did a quick search to see if this had already been posted but got bored with the chore, so just got on with it instead)
  2. Who do you think are in open prisons?
  3. If you bothered to check the prisons description you would see it's where they send lifers at the end of the term in preperation for sending them back into the world.

    Murderers believe it or not have some of the lowest re-offending rates as murder is most usually a spur of the moment thing.

    Some idots run off when they are going to be released soon anyway.
  4. Have a look at the record for Castle Huntley in Scotland, Hollesley Bay has a long way to go to be as bad!
  5. Grammer? I don't know tell me.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Happens all the time
    There'sa womans prison near York and they are out and about all the time
    I think the Travel Lodge in town had three femae mureders working there at one point
    Convicted Killer Tracy Andrews was pictured strolling round town last year on day release.
  7. Err, fraud cases, disgraced politicians, elderly types, first time offenders of petty crimes. Just goes to show how little I know of these things.

    If murderers aren't in high security prisons, why not? and who is in them?
  8. Dangerous criminals are in cat A prisons. Don't confuse murderers with dangerous.
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  9. I explained this to you up thread.

    Most murderers have never been offenders before, they never offend again after. Most people are killed by people they know and it's the result of domestic disputes, victims of mental or physical abuse, mental illness, drink dependancy, poverty and other factors.

    It's very rarely the work of some evil killer as portrayed in the Daily Mail.
  10. What did you expect; that those in charge of our criminal justice system would place more emphasis on the protection of the public than "rehabilitating" scum?

    Don't be so ****ing stupid. Next thing you'll be telling me you expect criminals to be punished...:wink:
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  11. You're not very bright or have no experience of prisons.
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  12. Or of working with offenders.

    They are human beings, not bogey men.
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  13. I'm sure that's a great comfort to their victims families.

    In any case, it clearly doesn't apply in this instance, since plod have warned that he is a potential danger and not to be approached.

    I'm not in favor of the death penalty for every murderer, since mistakes can and have been made. But if your are convicted of murder, then from that point on your life should effectively be over: you should be locked in a cell 24/7. No luxuries of any kind - TV, books etc - just the bare essentials for survival. No second chances at life, because your victim certainly won't get one.

    Anything less is moral cowardice.
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  14. I'm bright enough to have no experience of prisons; I've never broken the law and I have no desire to work in a tax-payer funded hotel for worthless sub-humans.
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  15. You've no idea about criminals and rehabilitation.
    Think about your posts on sensible matters.