Can you smell something?

Wheres the linky
Just how did he manage to get it registered as his trade mark in the first place. Normally I would be supporting an ex soldier but I am inclined to think this guy is just a chancer.
FFS what a load of bollux, If we did that for the "Motto" we would never get out of court, he didn't even serve in the regiment
Oh oh, please sir, please sir, (impatiently waves hand in air)

I found some old nutter who had used three words as some kind of trademark and I want to call walt before anyone else (despite there having been no claims to have been 'them' or even hints of it in the article)
oh please sir, notice me!

sarcasic mode off

this is just going to be sad, the legal action, the thread, and probably the clothing too.
I'm sure David Stirling will be delighted.According to Wikipedia it was also a motto adopted by Kraut paras in WWII.

And another thing (although not clothing related) Who Dares Wins was an Australian adventure game show that aired on the Seven Network between 1996 and 1998, with re-runs airing in 2005 and 2007. Hosted by former test cricketer Mike Whitney and co-hosted by Tania Zaetta, the show has been screened in over 50 countries around the world.

Wikipedia again.
I am sure this man has had publicity in the past. In my memory there was a documentary about someone who claimed PTSD and was living in a van. I thought stunt? (yes stunt). This looks like the same bloke, it was about 15 years ago on BBC
N.I vet?
I'm going to register my products for selling skid marked posh underwear on 'Ebay' as the "AFH1157's" brand.... I'll sue anyone who infringes it...... so I will...... Matron's bothering me again and reminding me to take my Meds....
It's the "To set up a Charity" I worry about, with over 4000 charities it works out one charity for every 50 or so serving squaddys,
Last para: "Interestingly, the Secretary of State for Defence also has a UK registration for a stylised logo with the words WHO DARES WINS which predates Mr Fitzgerald's mark by six days (Intellectual Property Office - Results). Potentially therefore, the Secretary of State for Defence might also be able to challenge the validity of Mr Fitzgerald's mark on the basis of their prior rights."

Read More Anfield army veteran vows to fight Debenhams in court over “who dares wins” trade mark - Liverpool Local News - News - Liverpool Echo .

ENDEX chancer.
What is it with Liverpool walts and SAS/Copyright? A few years back some fella from there claimed to have the rights to the Lambretta/innocenti name. Was also the fella who claimed to be in the SAS and attended the Sgt's mess meeting in the desert during GW1.
Looked at this guys word ill informed cnut. Let him loose his money he's clearly a borderline nut job whose mummy didn't pay him enough attention

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