Can you sign off on Ops?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by randoo, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if this has been posted before, can anyone confirm whether or not you can sign off whilst away on Ops (Falklands)

    I have spoken to 2 seperate people from the admin office and both have given 2 complete different answers!

    I understand the RAF can PVR (sign off) whilst away, not too sure if this is the same for the army however.

    All responses greatly appreciated, cheers.
  2. It's Saturday and I don't have access to all the bumph, but assuming that you are on the current system of giving 12 month's notice, you can sign off whenever you want.

    All you do is complete the 4 page form (it's the change of terms and conditions form which is on an A3 sheet and if I was good, I could tell you the number, but can't!) and have it witnessed by an Officer. Go to your Orderly Room and ask. If you have received two different answers, ask them to show you the regulations they have used - and take copies and discuss it with your RCMO or your OC.

    12 months later, you will be out. To my knowledge, a tour of the Falklands only lasts 6 months, so you have plenty of time.

    Sorry, just re-read your question! If you are an older bunny, you might be on the old NOTENG which means that you are able to PVR. I haven't dealt with any PVRs from that type of engagement for ages, and cannot remember the rules.

    Getting out quicker than that is possible but you are then into Queen's Regs para 9.414 etc etc etc and you have to justify your position.

  3. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. I had a feeling he was bullsh*ting me.
  4. From memory AF B6848? As you rightly say he can sign off giving the appropriate notice. However if he is wanting to PVR then NO he'll have to do that at his unit not while in FI.
  5. From memory AF B6848? As you say he can sign off giving the appropriate notice. However if he is wanting to PVR then NO he'll have to do that at his unit not while in FI.
  6. YES!

    You certainlly can, you can sign off when ever you want, hell you can sign off on Christmas Day if you wish (just call out the duty clerk).

    They cannot stop you, it is your LEGAL RIGHT to sign off when ever you wish, failure to do so will go against the HRA.

    For those regiments who state you need to see your RSM or whomever they use to try and scare the younger lads off, they are obliged BY LAW to backdate your application.

    They will try to bluff you, keep your bottle and stick to your guns.
  7. I think you misinterpreted what he said......he doesn't want to 'stick to his guns'. He wants to abandon them, the low life cowardly b*stard.

  8. Crikey Bickies, sit on that fence why don't you.
  9. Firm but fair.
  10. I concur.
  11. If you must.