Can you see this happening at Brize?!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Junglynx, Feb 5, 2006.

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  1. It's very good in a odd sort of way - given that we are not allowed to wear uniform, it's unlikely to happen here.....
  2. better than the reception they used to give them on return from Vietnam...
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Oddly enough I was on spring cadre teaching a B3 assault pioneers course when the invasiion to recapture Kuwait started. 2 weeks later and I return home by train with my webbing, rucksack and kit bag to applause as I met the wife and our first son at our local BR station. The lads were probably still area cleaning Kuwait if I recall and the lads at work were similarly odd about it. I go to 2 week TA camp and return with a tan (outdoor weather burn) and Kuwait is recaptured! Bravo something or other. never got that getting of the plane from belfast!
    the wife and I were so embarressed!
  4. You can wear uniform when travelling but only directly from your place of duty to your leave destination/home address.

    Back in about '98 a DCI was released instructing personnel of the change due to a perceived lowering of the threat from PIRA. Of course whether you'd want to wear uniform is a different matter.

    Oh, here you go clicky. Not the DCI but a Parliamentary paper on the subject.
  5. Did you spot the mong nicking the muffin at second 7? :D
  6. All we got walking through Brize was;

    'Where's yer fuuckin head dress you kunts???'

    Crab Air - Ace!

  7. Quote CC_TA:

    Cant have been recent then, the RAF hasnt got a set of testicles left amonst the lot of them, I am regularly in and out of a local airbase which we shall call Shittesmore, (the name has been changed to ridicule the innocent) and the young AC's and SAC's just mince around and might as well work for McDonooolds for all the discipline and respect they have. :evil:
  8. msr

    msr LE

    We got 'take your headdress off", this despite that fact that there hadn't been a plane land for a month and none was going to for the next three!

    Respect does go to the guy who stood up and apologised for delaying our luggage on the EOT flight by two hours...

  9. It does seem a bit 'cheesey', but sometimes it is nice to be appreciated. Even if they do get it wrong and applaud the wrong guys, as per Ugly's experience, it's better than never showing any appreciation at all.
  10. I was in the US last year - Florida.

    At a few of the shows, the cast, crew, organisation openly thanked the us AND UK ALLIES, for their sacrafice and commitment to duty.

    Also, anyone thinking of Florida this year - you can get free tickets into a number of parks as members of the UK Military.

    The US civilians think more of the UK Military than most of the UK civvis!
  11. Indeed they do. If you show your ID you get discounts in a huge amount of shops and restaurants in the US. Problem is remembering to as its not something we are used to in our own fair isle.

  12. It may not be much, but in California after I got back from Telic 1 I saw a sign that stated "Free meals for Gulf Vets". I jokingly asked if that also included Brits as I had just got back and they gave me my meal for free. Whats more, they never required any proof!

    It's little things like that that really make a difference to the moral of the troops.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The yanks have always shown a reasonable respect for our serving and ex service men and women. The Canadians the same (discounting those in Wainright etc). The one thing that may be useful from the MOD on leaving will be the veterans badge. The Yanks do recognise service and reciprocate politenss etc. Years ago one of the Orlando taxi firms was all ex servicemen and they gave ex service discounts!
  14. US ex-sevice, or 'veterans' as they are positivley known, are also allowed back into camp in order that they keep a bond with their old or just the local unit. They also get free treatment in sevrice hospitals and, if living abroard, are allowed to use the PX and Commissary facilities.

    We on the other hand are asked to hand over our ID cards, escorted from camp and only allowed back in once a year on reunions or Regimental Weekends. A bit of a difference eh? I mean most people may not want to keep in touch with the mob once they're out, but it would be nice to have the option and may be a comfort to soldiers coming to the end of their time knowing that there doesn't have to be a sudden jolt into civvy street.