can you remember?

Did you know my dad
Can anyone help me? Here is my story... ill try to keep it as short as possible

My mum met my dad at a disco at moscow army camp in 1982. They were seeing eachother for a few months and she found out she was expecting me. Her friend told my dad and he was really happy but my mum sort of went numb to the fact that she was having a baby and did not contact him. I was born in March 1983 and At this time he was still at Moscow army base in belfast. I am now 19 and i will be 20 in March.

I hardly know anything about him apart from the fact he was a sgt in the RCT 19sqd and 12 sqd. He was known as Jim green although his name is James green. He was tall, with tanned skin and dark hair and eyes. Apparently i look just like him as the rest of my family have blonde hair and blue eyes and i am the opposite. I know that my mum had once said that he had been previously married with two children and was going through a divorce. Whether this is true or not i am not sure. I have been looking for him for many years, the army needs his service number before they can help and the salvation army do not want to know because my parents were not married. I have also paid thousands towards private detectives who can not help me.

I understand that i may find him and he has his own family who know nothing about me. I understand he may not want to know me. I just have to take that chance i want to have someone who is proud of me. I am not out to hurt anybody and if i did i would stop my search. As i have also mentioned i am very ill with my kidneys so i also really need to find out if that is something that runs in his side of the family. I am sure you can understand my curiosity. It has just been so many years and i have been looking for him since i was thirteen. I used to have a saturday job at the weekends to pay for looking for him. I have never even seen a photo of him and my mums friend who knew him has always said how much i look like him as i do not look a thing like my mum. I have had a few people contact me. One person said he thinks he has got a northern accent but thats about all i got.

I really really appreciate your help i would pay any amount of money to find him. I have got a step father who is my brothers dad and he is wonderful but there is always something there that is not quite the same.

Thank you very very much for your time, Hope to hear from you soon.

Clare Kiepe
Bit of a trite reply and I suppose you have already tried it but;

RCT/RLC association?
(they should have, or know where to find, old comrades or memorabilia[i.e. photo's]

Friends reunited, in the workplace section?

Have you tried the Soldier Mag contacts dept. or the old Wagoneer (corps mag)office?

Good luck!
There is also Forces Reunited, same concept as Friends Reuinted.
I know a Jim Green mate. I'm ex RCT but god knows where he is now, last time i seen him was in 95 in Catterick he was an LE officer. I have a mate who new him really well i'll give him a buzz and see if he knows where he is.

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