Can you remember the first time you met / saw the Queen

Buck house 27 Oct 78 whilst at RMAS on ERE (RP/dog handler) the Academy was presented with new colours and I had to do car parking at the top of the Mall prior to the parade starting - loads of foreign holiday makers asking if they could be photographed with me dressed in blues - no tips though (tight assed sods) - just before the parade started we all went into Buck house grounds to watch the parade and saw the little lady climb up onto the dias.

Can't recall if I saw her at Montogmery's funeral in 75 - 1 RTR provided a squad as part of the funeral escort/entourage and I was in that squad.
Silver Jubilee
and again in Sept 2000, when MI6 was bombed, she passed through whitehall, when the Strathcona's did the Life guard, plus Charles has afternoon tea with his Regt
RMAS passing out parade, 1991.

Got some grief for remarking to the Colour Sergeant,

'good grief, when did the oompah loompahs take over?'.

She seemed so much taller on those news reel things we used to get out in the colonies


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The first time I saw Her Maj. was in 1976 at London Victoria Station.

We didn't know she was passing through so only had time to get some Union Jack carrier bags to wave about.

I was the chuftest kid on the block because she was right in front of me!

Gawd Bless You Ma'am!
I was introduced to her at Hillsborough Castle last week; a lovely woman.
Wow I had almost forgot I started this one. Been nearly a year since last entry. :D


My older brother took me to see the Queen when I was about 4, the git.

I was rather excited at the prospect, until we got into the town centre and it turned out to be a statue of Victoria. Only Hull would put up a statue to a monarch on top of a Public Convenience.
York railway station Maundy Thursday 1972 played while the Queen inspected the honour guard.

The first piece of music was 'greensleeves' in six eight dryknacked on to blue manuscript music paper in good old fashioned ink.

I was unable to play my instrument: eyes full of tears of pride. Saw the Queen many times after that other royalsalso.

Sadly on the following Tuesday we had to play at a military funeral (my first and last) at York garrison church Fulford barracks for an ATO killed in NI.

Oct 78 whilst at RMAS on ERE (RP/dog handler
I have pm you on this.

I was there and I should know you i'm sure, I was 17th/21st L RP/Dog handler 79.

In Charge: Des Lyn--,Vic Ga---y, Ge---Kn-----.

Other names I recall, Dave Ars---, Steve Fara----.

With regards to meeting the Queen, I was in Phone booth at Some Show in Scotland, I was talking to my boy in England, I had the door open as it was baking I noticed alot of people milling around outside the booth, just then about 10-15 yards in front was the Queen and I yelled F---ing hell the Queen, to this day I;m sure she heard me as her head turned and there was a wry smile.

First time I saw Liz in person was '87 and I had an invite to my mates loft office over looking horse guards accessed through admiralty arch.

It was memorable for one very scary reason...
When we arrived at the security station at the door I had armfulls of food for the office party and had my invite between my teeth. My mate waves his foreign office pass and wanders through.
I hand over my pass as best I can and when the large black carribean lady ask my name I tell her. However as I'm scots she hears accent, pegs it as irish, panics and next thing I know 2 very large security types have me pinned to the wall with a 9mm welcome in my face. (just glad I wasn't a Brazilian electrician). :omg:

Fortunately mate had high level security clearance and calls off security ... after he had stopped laughing. cnut!
Windsor horse trials 1971
Again at Combermere Bks.1974.Actually had a conversation about photography,a very knowledgable woman
1st AGC corps day think it was 93, at Worthy Down, AGC cvhq(pool) field pay office display. Tongue stuck down back of throat, just managed an inane comment, then received death stare. Birthday Parade (x3) ticket holder.
Holyrood, RSDG Tercentenary, 1978. She never said a word, nor did I. An intensley private moment, made all the more special by the presence of several thousand other people and an incontinent and (allegedly) drunken jock drum horse.
Mid to late 70's, as a very young schoolboy our class got bussed a hundred miles or so to Tamworth (NSW, Australia), to watch Her Majesty & Phil arrive by Fokker Friendship to open a hospital or somesuch.

I was the one with the flag!
Last july , she put a brew on and a few sarnies at buck house , cracking day hob knobing with royalty , if anyone in the future gets an invite do it :D
Nosher361 said:
Holyrood, RSDG Tercentenary, 1978. She never said a word, nor did I. An intensley private moment, made all the more special by the presence of several thousand other people and an incontinent and (allegedly) drunken jock drum horse.
Aye but did she or did she not ask how big Ned was after the horse knocked him over?
Sennelager,'65?Hardly an intimate moment as she was reviewing the entire BAOR at the time.An amusing moment when enormous massed band marched off to reveal unfortunate bandsman flaked out on grass.

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