Can you remember the first time you met / saw the Queen

Discussion in 'RAC' started by the_butler, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. I was 6 years old and attending St Saviours’ maximum security infants school in Toxteth.
    We spent the previous few days making union flags on sticks in preparation for the big day.
    All the schools in the area were being asked to line the route along the dock road as the Queen would be driving past at 0830Hrs. Being keen to get it right the teachers formed us all up about 0730, it was blooming freezing with the wind coming in off the docks and not all off us able to afford a coat. Anyway exactly as scheduled along comes the procession of posh black cars you cold hear the ripple of cheers as the motorcade passed the long line of cheering children.
    About 30 metres from my position I spotted the car and noticed it was getting faster. By the time it reached me it was going so fast Her Majesty was just a blur. Two days preparation an hour in the freezing wind for a brief glimpse. Nobody was disappointed though and we all went back to class happy, but frozen
    Years later when I had the chance to meet the Queen in a less formal setting than you would usually I was tempted to mention that day but I thought better of it as my Boss had just mentioned the 91 metres of white fence belonging to her I had uprooted with a Spartan in the great park while I was still in the regiment. Bloomin civvies.

    Oh and here is a previously unpublished picture I will probably be shot for.
  2. University of Essex 40th Anniversary rededication, November 2004.

    I went against the crowd and waited by her car where very few other people were standing and shouted 'I love you, Your Majesty!'.

    For my troubles I received a laugh and a wave from both her and the Duke of Edinburgh.

    Still makes me smile when I think about it.

    Lawd bless 'a.
  3. I first saw the Queen at Beverly racecourse in summer '76

    God save the Queen !!
  4. Sheffield winter gardens in 2003 by special invite. All the time she was talking to me i was dying to rub the lippy off her teeth. :lol:
  5. that nearly sounded like stalkin then sir!
  6. !0 years old, HM's Silver Jubilee Parade through London was the first time, then I moved to Norfolk, last time was 2004 at Buck House from a distance. :D
  7. Queens review of Arty - West Germany '84 (Dortmund I think).
    The 'Shot' early 90's.
    Royal Albert Hall 90.
    Was dying to shout 'B*ll*cks' when she walked past cos my troopy always said I'd be saying that to her next!

    Oi Polar, new a RAF gal very intimately at the winning post at Beverly race course one night!

    CR, if you're out there, buzz me!

    The Queen, God bless Her!
  8. There are ex h/cav officers out there (and they know who they are) who pulled out there todgers, for a bet, while having pre lunch with Her Majesty in the mess at Windsor. They were clever enough to keep their backs to the Queen but not clever enough to avoid the Adjutants eagle eye.
  9. Royal Scots Greys and 3rd Carabiniers amalgamation at Holyrood, still got the pics, also saw Duke of Kent and Princess Anne (who was opening Erskine Bridge that day and arriving back at the palace) can't remember the year early 70s probably

    was in official line up for Silver Jubilee visit to Perth in 1977 representing my school
  10. 2 July 1971
  11. thanks for the date mate!
  12. my pleasure ma'm
  13. Guard of honor whilst still in the cadets...met her briefly whilst in full rig in the early 00s...very proud little teenager was I...
  14. don't think i've ever seen her :?
  15. RAF Coningsby Silver Jubilee year as a sprout. A lad was in the block stropping himself of as she went by in her car, he was looking for a discharge, probably got one too :lol: