"Can You Rebuild My Brain?" Channel 4, Tuesday 30th

"Can You Rebuild My Brain?" Channel 4, Tuesday 30th Jan, 10pm

"Lotje Sodderland's brain was damaged by a stroke when she was 34. She meets neuroscience pioneers who are developing cutting-edge treatments for conditions like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and autism."

Can You Rebuild My Brain? - All 4

I only caught a glimpse of the trailer. There was no additional info but it looked worth watching.
For rebuilding, I read rewiring through stimulus and training but we will hopefully find out on Tuesday night.


Definitely one to watch. I have a special interest in this.


One documentary worth watching (about brain injury) is this Australian film:



Did anyone see the programme? It did raise some very big questions about the future manipulation of the brain, as well as demonstrating how little is actually known about the brain.

As someone with a Mother disabled by a Stroke, an Aunt with Parkinson's disease that effects her badly, an Uncle on the other side of my family with Alzheimers, and my own brain injury, I was very interested in talk of things such as Electromagnetic Stimulation of the brain.


I missed the first 10 minutes but found the rest to be quite interesting. Athough it was obviously unable in the period of 1 hour to be entirely expansive on many of the areas of brain fixing (to put it crudely!) It certainly inspires some potential avenues for much further debate. Some of the idea such as manipulation of memory in order to either bring back forgotten memories or to erase bad ones or to switch on and off certain areas to control emotional response seem quite scary in a science fiction horror way if such techniques were to be applied irresponsibly.
In all I thought it a very engaging, thought provoking documentary.


Just watched and found very interesting. Considering his state in the first few months, I thought his recovery was remarkable.

A quick question, I'm sure his wife (who was producing the documentary), said that his treatment at the Raphael Hospital was funded by NHS but a quick google shows that the hospital was/is private, so was this an example of part funding?


Funding is a huge issue - there is a lack of Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists providing NHS care to rehab patients post discharge.
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I support that as a reasonable view of physical recuperation and the effort required, in this instance for a particularly physically disabled (can I say that? ) stroke visited person.
A Kiwi born Lt. Col. with the heart of a lion and a supporting wife. Follow the surgeons' activities and remark how their cutting and a wife's support can achieve against the perceived scientific outcome.
Utterly brilliant in the 3 year follow on on from medical op to gardening.

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