Can you operate a sword? Job opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

They could use this as an opportunity to modernise things a bit. I seem to remember there being a few chaps in Mexico that were a dab hand at lopping heads with a chainsaw.
Pork sword no good then?
Only if it's the kind of sword you fix to the end of your rifle. I could shout out 'ON GUARD' while preparing to administer justice then, 'THEY DON'T LIKE IT UP 'EM!' at the end.
The chap who used to be the head man (so to speak) gave a long interview a few years ago about his love for the job. Kept a lovely edge on his swords, he did.
I saw that interview on TV ffs he was treated as a Rock-star, I cant believe the shortage bit though ..he was already training his son to take over and a lot of young savages will be ready for the adulation the job brings.
those awaiting execution have just been told about this and some of them are pretty cut up about it, I can tell you!
It is indeed, but you get the idea- although quite what they have against pixels is beyond me.
Pixels are beyond the pale. There's still some blood to relish on one of the stones for the curious.

Relevant edit: Is the pixellated head male or female?

Mark The Convict

The first recorded execution using the Halifax Gibbet was in 1286, the Edinburgh Maiden was introduced in 1564 nearly 300 years later.
Longevity - proof of good design.

Send Susan Boyle out there
Edited for strategic fiendishness.

I can operate a chainsaw, or pop their heads off neatly with det cord plus some Islamic Green smoke grenades and paraflares in the circuit to entertain the kiddies. Will travel, some tools, sober habits, will work for keep and snatch.

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