Can you operate a sword? Job opportunities in Saudi Arabia.


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does it matter if I'm an infidel and can I make a statement on youtube clutching an slr while condemning the caliphate before sawing their heads off?


You'd have thought Wilkinsons could have sponsored an apprentice scheme. Golden overseas sales opportunity wasted.


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I couldn't find the full job description or final salary details in the article ~ anyone know where you apply?
before you head off to saudi you better get some practice in just to give you and edge and then you'll be head and shoulders above the other applicants.

posted by my mate Dan Ruff using a hair dryer and some hair grips
The chap who used to be the head man (so to speak) gave a long interview a few years ago about his love for the job. Kept a lovely edge on his swords, he did.


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Its like a bad monty python sketch.
Funny if it wasn't so bloody horrible and barbaric.

Where do I apply?


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I had a week's training in cavalry sabre drill about 1979. Somebody decided that HMQ's official birthday needed to be celebrated at JHQ. It was decided that the parade ground would be lined with two each representatives of each cavalry regiment in BAOR in ceremonial kit. RSM volunteered me.

So we learned to march with swords, draw them, salute with them and park them on our shoulders while the parade went on (presumably - it was a long time ago - this movement was The Shoulder). Also learned that whereas Black Bear as rendered by the pipes and drums of the local Black Watch battalion might stir the bones, it did not break up the mind-numbingly boring fact that we stood forever with cavalry sabres on our shoulders and as they tired, the hand moved ever closer to the shoulder and the sabre moved ever more horizontal and the busby really, really started to hurt the skull after a while.

Still, it got me a week drinking in a different NAAFI bar.
I thought the Saudi SF had the role?


You'd think that the Frogs would have sold them a guillotine by now...
Not one of them has a bag of gravel.
If they fail to find a new executioner, then heads will roll.................agh um forget my previous statement

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