Can you only wear a rank slide in the field if your a cadet NCO?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by MTP vs Combat 95, May 7, 2013.

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  1. Can you only wear a rank slide in the field if your a cadet NCO? Or can you do just as the adults do and wear you rank slide all the time as they don't have brasards. (Trying to find out for an old friend?)
  2. yes.
  3. You would do far better to take your enquiry to the Army Cadet forum at: It's a more age-appropriate forum. This forum is just full of pervy types, but while that's not too bad in itself, you won't get reliable cadet type answers here.
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  4. I'd heard they were doing away with brassards due to the introduction of PCS, this however only hearsay so could total bollocks. Ask you AIs.
  5. They're doing away with brassards and using the blanking plates to put all of the badges on. Even to the point of making the badges smaller to fit on the plates.
  6. It is up to the adults. Rank slides are better as the brassard will just get ruined.
  7. No. I believe that members of the regular and territorial army are also allowed to wear them as well, but I might be wrong.
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  8. Referance the Dress regs uploaded into WESTMINSTER specific to the ACF. Note that no local authority has been issued to allow ammendments so the usual "that's not what we want to do" should not exist.... If only the world was that simple!
  9. Rank was removed from the brassard on the instruction of LAND 2-3 years ago but some counties ignored the instruction. Cadets are currently supposed to wear OG rank slides, black embroidery with the word CADET in red at the top now. This is a National, generic design without regi titles or ACF suffix letters, so that one pattern will fit all cadet forces. It won't last. Many counties will design their own in MTP material and Ivory/bronze embroidery. But Cadet rank slides must have the word CADET in red on them.

    And now we are in PCS, the brassard is no more. Newly designed smaller proficiency badges (4 maximum including star level) will go on the right blanking plate and the County formation flash will go on the left approx one centimetre below the UJ patch. (varies according to size of patch. Some are massive and some are postage stamp size) Some counties issue these only to cadets, but some to all personnel, adult and cadet. Some counties even have a cadet version and an adult version of the formation patch. It's ******* crazy but at least with an velcro admin panel, I'm only sewing one on!

    I would not be surprised if an 'ACF' or 'ARMY CADETS/ARMY CADET FORCE' mudguard were resurrected and issued, because currently, there is nothing denoting the cadet organisation on the Army cadet's uniform. And corporate identity is all the rage everywhere in any uniformed organisation it would seem these days.
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  10. Has anyone rocked up in brown boots yet? Mothman, what's the mud guard?
  11. I would think Mothman's referring to the curved shoulder title worn on the brassard??
  12. Correct.

    And yes. Saw brown boots today. 2 pairs. Admittedly, it was on the ranges.
  13. Many thanks
  14. Actually there is no limit on the amount of badges that can be worn, as long as they are arranged neatly and do not overlap.
  15. 'In my county' (the most overused phrase at Frimley) it is 4 maximum. But we can use the left panel too. But that doesn't leave much room because we have a county flash there.

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