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Can you live with your partner in phase 2?

Do you have to be married to go with your partner and live with them when their doing their phase 2? I have been told by some people you don't need to be married, if anyone could help me that would be great! Thank you
The answer is a qualified no here - if you aren't married, you won't be entitled to an Army house (SFA) and cohabiting in Single Living Accommodation isn't allowed. Of course, if you have your own place to live somewhere near, then there's a much better chance.... Even then though, it's not guaranteed because (a) at least in theory the Soldier is supposed to ask for permission to live out and it might not be given (not that this would necessarily stop anyone) and (b) the Soldier might have a full programme of evening work etc (a factor to consider if you were thinking of renting a flat outside the front gate....)

It's also going to depend on what capbadge the soldier is - your best bet is to get hold of a Phase 2 on the intake ahead of you and ask for "local advice"

Hope it works out....

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