Can you keep it up all night.....

Okies I am going to set a little challenge for you all. I see all the complaining that is done about students on here so heres your chance to show them how its done. This is probably only aimed at people living in the Sheffield / South Yorkshire area but if you fancy travelling feel free.

Anyhow, every year Sheffield Rag organise a sponsored 57 mile walk / run (for all the mental people out there)

'How can you get some fresh air in your lungs, a bit of much-needed exercise
and raise money for two great local causes all in one go? Easy - by joining
Sheffield RAG's Spiderwalk, which is raising funds for Sheffield
Children's Hospital Charity and Sheffield Children's Centre. The students
are aiming to raise £15,000 in this year's event and it is hoped that each
walker will contribute at least £40 to that total. The full 57-mile walk
starts at midnight this Friday from the students' union and is expected to
take 18 hours. Alternatively you could just do the first 26 miles, arriving
back at the union on Saturday morning, or start the second leg of 31 miles
from the same location at 8am on Saturday. For further details call 0114 222 8546
or e-mail:'

Last year one of the unwashed finished it in 8/9 hours, reckon you can beat it??

Time to put your money where your mouth is. if you want any more info check out our website email the address above (mention in the mail that you found out about it from Rach on this forum so we don't confuse the poor lass) or just pm me.

Rach xxxx

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