can you join with flat feet

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by flatfeet, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. hi i am thinking of joining the army i have mild flat feet i still have a arch but not a very big one does anyone know if i can still join thanks
  2. The Royal Corps of Penguins are recruiting, you have to pay your own trainfare to the Falkland Islands though, and you stand a great risk of being buggered by a Royal Marine
  3. oit wats wrong wid dat question i wana join and i can handle all da training and stuf jus wondering if i can still join
  4. Speak the Queens English first, then we may take the pi$$ out of your feet!

    Edited to add:- Insert- Type

    Delete- Speak
  5. I should fill your application form in with text speech too, the recruiting office loves it, it shows you will be a fantastic signaller, already using brevity and Batco. All you need to do now is learn how to deliver it, Clearly, loudly, as an order and with pauses.
  6. only because all you have been to the army and trained ur no help to new recruits
  7. Obviously 12 years of Schooling and a Collins English Dictionary are no use to you either.
  8. Your only going to get the piss taken out of you for speaking like that :roll:

    No one can answer your question without seeing your feet, engage your brain and you’ll realise that no one here can answer you.

    Carry on with the recruitment process, you’ll get bind on your medical if your weird inbred frog feet are too freakish for the army.
  9. As above. School is supposed to teach you to read and write correctly. If you cannot do both it is proberlbly because you are lazy and did not pay attention. There is no place for lazy people who cannot pay attention in the army.
  10. i can speak i just wont to know if you can join with flat feet does anyone know anyone who has flat feet in the army
  11. You might want to consider this instead:


  12. why i wont to join the army i have been running every day 3 miles or so i am only 15
  14. yes i do several and they are all mongs,,,,,, now question answered, can we end this pathetic thread, you are quite frankly boring the pants off me.

    If this is a Wah, it's a sh1t one.