can you join the TA for a short period of time

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by tankscrow, May 5, 2013.

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  1. I want to join the army after the summer and I am going to England for a month in June. I know you have to serve a minimum of 28 days in the TA a year but can I go to join, do adsc ECT and do as much as I can before I return home. I'm from republic of ireland
  2. Its pretty short term anyway to be fair, i night a week and a weekend end here and there.
  3. 1. You can't
    2. It'd be a ball-ache for such a short time
    3. It'd confuse your actual enrolement into the regulars - including army number and pay
    4. You can't
  4. TBH mate, you'd be just as well off joining the catholic church. You only need to spend an hour a week being a member and once in you're automatically qualifed as an expert and able to give an opinion on everything. It's the way forward!
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  5. Your alpha phase 1 is 9 days, your beta phase 1 is 2 weeks at Pirbright and then there's however long your trade training is. Don't bother, please. You would be wasting money and a possible position for someone willing to give to the TA for a longer period.
  6. Half of them seem to only do about 5 days in total albeit they manage to somehow spread that over 13 years.
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  7. That's for the response, im not going to bother, I'll just get fit to join instead. I was also wondering are you able to go into any careers office. For example my application is with a careers office in Belfast but can I go in and just talk to officers in a careers office in london
  8. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, you can pick whatever office you want too. Just remember you application will be run by the NRC.
  9. Why not join in the North?

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  10. Its a 5 hour drive unfortunately. What does NRC mean
  11. Not Really Coping.

    ( I made that up.)