Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by yannie, May 20, 2005.

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  1. hi everyone,

    can you join the miltary if you have dyslexia
  2. Yes, but depending on the severity. It may affect your choice of trades or role too.
  3. Off corse yuo can. I carnt sea any reesun wy doslyxia shood hold anee on bac from joyning up. We tend too send thum two the aRmee Air corrs thouw.
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  4. Flasheart, that was harsh :lol:

    but inevitable ;)
  5. taht saw ton ecin ta lla
  6. Yes you can. Have worked with a very talented VM who was flying up through the Ranks, was a pot Tiffy. Funny as hell trying to decipher his scrawl. Would of made a good tiffy as well. Decided to go CP in the sand pit. A sad loss to the REME.

  7. I came across a dyslexic AGC clerk a couple of years ago, no joke. You'd have thought that would be a no.
  8. On.
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  9. I have crossed paths with a few during my time.

    Was quite shocked when trying to get one of them to complete a manual next of kin and the soldier telling me that he couldn't write so could I fill it in for him

    I asked how he managed to get through the careers office and his reply was that the recruiting sgt wrote everything for him

    He wasn't the brightest soldier, but by no means the dullest either.

    I would have thought that being AGC would have suited him down to the ground considering the number of illiterates in the Corps nowadays !!
  10. Actually, it's a requirement.
  11. Did you type this yourself?
  12. May be no ony if u kan reed and rite propir lik mee
  13. Not only can you join, but increasingly military training centres are learning to provide specialist assessments for trainees diagnosed with dyslexia, helping them to find coping mechanisms that will allow them to achieve their full potential.

    Like civilian examinations, most military technical qualifications that have a written theory exam will allow the use of coping mechanisms and/or a viva voce, as well as giving dyslexic trainees additional time to complete exams.

    In addition, the increasing professionalization of military training means that many training centres now have permanent staff trained in the identification and assistance of dyslexic trainees.

  14. What about just very poor penmanship?

  15. Are you fluent in bollox too??