Can You Identify This Patch?

Firstly, if this is in the wrong place, I apologise; if a Mod would be so kind as to relocate to the correct area, I'd appreciate it.

Right then, to business:

I've been trying to identify a patch that I inherited with some of my old man's kit.
He was in the RMP from around '77 to '97. We were in Germany in '81, then he was posted to Cyprus.

This was amongst his name tapes and cap badges.

It's velcro backed, making it quite odd, and is of a similar material to the old Scout Badges (District and County) if that means anything...?

It's already been suggested that it could have reference to the Sherwood Foresters owing to the oak tree, but none of the sources I can reference show anything of this design.

Don't think it's custom; but then could be wrong...

Was directed here by a couple of lads who play airsoft, who figured that the combined gray matter of this site should shed some light onto it.

So... Any ideas?



Do you read Tolkein? Looks like the flag of Gondor
The first one is a Dutch patch of the (Basic)Training Command.
Every sprog,(and training staff) that goes into basic training wears them on the right sleeve.

Mouwemblemen | Ministerie van Defensie
Outstanding work gentlemen!

Cloggie: as it's different colourings, can I presume it's just a subdued version?
Roger that! We wear subdued versions on the DPM and the coloured ones on our No.2's

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